Shahani Dates Distributor

Shahani Dates Distributor


Shahani Dates are a product of Iran.

Shahani is sent to other countries in bulk without special packaging.


Distributor of Shahani Dates in Iran

The main origin of Shahani Dates is in Fars province.

This date is not widely consumed in Iran.

Many food industry producers produce this date intensively.

People in the cultivated areas of this date use it as a food, but in Iran, this date is still unknown.

Crystal Dates Company is one of the main distributors of Shahani Dates in Iran.


Distributor of royal dates in Dubai

Dubai, which has always been a place for talks and sales of the date market, plays an important role in the global date trade due to its special geographical location and proximity to date producing countries.

These Dates are mostly sent to Dubai in bulk and without packaging.

There are many distributors for this Date in Dubai and Crystal Dates Company is one of the major distributors of this date.


Distributor of Shahani Dates in India

These dates are exported to India with special conditions.

Unlike other dates, Shahani Dates goes to India with agricultural packaging.

Shahani Dates, which have acceptable sales in the Indian market, have become one of the favorite dates of the Indians.

Crystal Dates Company, with full knowledge of the Indian market as well as the sale of Shahani dates, distributes these dates in high tonnage in India.

Distributor of Shahani dates in the UAE

The UAE is one of the most important export destinations for Iran.

Due to the export and import laws of different countries, as well as companies exporting dates, it is possible to repack.

The biggest and main distributor of these dates in the UAE is Crystal Dates Company.

Distributor of Shahani dates in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most important cities in India for selling dates.

Distribution of Shahani dates in Mumbai is also one of the fields of work of Crystal Dates Company.

Distributor of Shahani dates in Bangladesh

Iran is the only Shahani Dates producer in the world, so there needs to be distributors for this date in Bangladesh.

Shahani Date is one of the dates that falls into the category of economic dates.

Distributor of Shahani dates in Russia

Russia, which has good trade relations with Iran, is one of the countries that buys shahani dates.

All Shahani Dates exported to Russia are of the first class.

Crystal Dates Company acts as the main distributor of Shahani Dates in Russia.

However, strict export rules for the distribution of Shahani dates in Russia prompt exporters from Kazakhstan.

Distributor of Shahani dates in Indonesia

In addition to their special interest in Iranian dates, the people of this country have a special respect for dates.

Iran produced Shahani dates, which is distributed in Indonesia, is of high quality.

Exports to Indonesia, like the Shahani dates, have special rules.

Crystal Dates Company can provide this date for buyers by having the privilege of distributing dates in Indonesia.

Distributor of Shahani dates in Malaysia

Iranian-produced dates are also popular in Asian countries, including Malaysia.

Reasonable price, high quality, etc. have made Shahani dates one of Iran’s export and economic dates. One of the reasons why Shahani Dates also export to Malaysia is the global nature of this date.

Why work with Crystal Dates Company as a Shahani Dates distributor?

Dedicated cold storage, special packaging, supplying the customer’s desired tonnage, first-class dates, delivery in the shortest possible time, complete familiarity with export laws, etc. are some of the benefits of cooperating with our company.

Shahani Date is one of the dates produced by Crystal Dates Company and exported by this company. Every year during the harvest season, these dates are harvested from groves and transported to dedicated crystal cold stores. It is kept in the cold storage with hygienic principles to reach the buyer.


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