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Shahani dates wholesaler Crystal dates company


High similarity can be seen in the size of Shahani and Rabbi Dates .

Shahani has more exports to Asian countries.

This date has a very good price.

Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India are the biggest buyers of these dates. They are considered as economic dates.

This date is used more intensively and is one of the most special Iranian dates.

These dates are exported dry in 3 kg pressed and vacuum packed.

They dates are considered as wet dates, which of course are also harvested as semi-wet and dry.

Of course, Shahani dates have a lot of global sales and exports, and for this reason, there has always been foreign demand.

The main exports of this type of dates can be considered to neighboring countries, but fortunately in recent years some of these dates have also been exported to European and American countries.

The color of these dates is Light brown to Golden.

Crystal Dates Company is a well-known and famous Shahani Dates Wholesaler in Iran, Dubai, the UAE, India, Mumbai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Russia, Europe and … .

Crystal Dates Company being equipped with a packaging unit, designs the best, stylish and standard packaging for Shahani dates. Developed countries such as Dubai and European countries are very sensitive in any commodity packaging.

Hence Crystal Company is a famous Shahani Dates Wholesaler because of their exclusive packaging among European countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

Russia is very strict about food import, any commodity must have certain standards and certificates.

Crystal Dates Company being the only BRC certified company with a retail license in the UK, having an official license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, having all the standards of the Ministry of Health, 12 national date standards and 6 International ISO Certificates from Italy, is the only Shahani Dates Wholesaler who can easily export to Russia.

Many Indian importers are in search of a Shahani Dates Wholesaler who can provide their services in a regular manner, over specific intervals of time, as India has a great population and there is high demand of these dates. Crystal Dates Company is a certified Shahani Dates Wholesaler in India with many years of export experience to this country.

Sometimes European importers would like their dates to be shrinked or strapped.

Crystal Dates Company having vacuum, shrink, shearing and strapping machines is the first choice of Shahani Dates Wholesaler in European countries.

Malaysia has recently been involved in importing dates, as there is a demand for it by Muslim population. Apart from that, it’s a fast growing market for dates.

Crystal Company by gathering all the information about trade laws, import rules and regulations of this country, is considered as the first Shahani Dates Wholesaler among many Malaysian importers.

As Shahani has comparatively lower price than other dates, it has attracted the attention of many Muslim countries such as Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Crystal Dates Company can offer these dates even at a lower price on higher tonnage order, hence it’s known as a fair Shahani Dates Wholesaler in these countries.

There is possibility of transactions through LC, and currencies such as US dollars, Dirhams, Rupees and etc. working with Crystal Dates Company, hence it is one of the few Shahani Dates Wholesaler having this advantage.

Crystal Dates Company is the only company who has a branch in France and Dubai.

This Company with their exclusive packaging meets the needs for Shahani Dates throughout Europe by their France Branch.

Therefore they are well-known and famous Shahani Dates Wholesaler between European countries.

Crystal Company supplies these dates in 3kg packaging, pressed and vacuumed.

There is possibility of printing customer’s own label on the packaging also.

Hence Crystal Dates Company is considered as renowned Shahani Dates Wholesaler in Iran, Dubai, the UAE, India, Mumbai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Russia, Europe and … .

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