Should we wash dates?

Should we wash dates

Wash dates well before eating

Generally, washing dates before eating is a good recommendation that should be considered because dates may absorb dust and pollution during the packaging process. Therefore, keep in mind that you should wash them well before consumption to clean them of all contaminants and germs. In this article, we will first discuss whether washing or not to wash dates, how long do dates last, keeping dates in the freezer, and whether dates need to be stored in the freezer, and tips on storing them.

Should we wash dates before eating?

Many families do not wash dates before eating. They see the appearance of dates and say that dates are so clean that they do not need to be washed! Unaware of its consequences, dates are usually picked and graded with not very clean hands, and as a result, the date will be more permeable to germs. In addition, the fruit on the tree may be contaminated with dust or bird droppings and vermin. For this reason, it is recommended to wash dates before eating.

Fortunately, in our country, Iran, which is one of the exporters of dates, especially Mazafati dates to many countries, the packaging of dates is mainly done with high quality. It means that dates are graded and packaged by workers who often observe hygienic points, while the bag and cardboard box considered for packaging the products are not prone to transmit contamination. Also, the vacuumed or packed dates in durable nylon packages impermeable on all sides have passed hygienic disinfection and increasing shelf life. In this way, dates will be initially washed before packaging, and then the fruit will be disinfected. To increase the shelf life, some factories expose the dates in cold or weak heat to inactivate the date enzymes and reduce the activity of microbes.

Sometimes they increase the shelf life of dates by adding permitted additives, but none of these processes are performed for bulk dates, and the amount of microbes of the crop is usually high. As a result, bulk dates need to be washed.

Should we wash dates before eating

Dates Preservation

Should dates be refrigerated? 

If you do not know how to preserve dates and increase their shelf life after buying dates and do not know if dates need to be refrigerated, do not worry, and stay tuned for more information in this regard. The best place to store dates for a long time would be your freezer. Remember that dates should not be stored for a long time after washing because they are prone to rotting. But you can dry them after washing and cleaning the dust and dirt, and after two hours when the dates are dry, pack them and keep them in the freezer. Also, keep in mind that most wet dates need to be stored at low temperatures in the refrigerator, but some dried dates do not need to be refrigerated at all.

If dates need to be frozen, put them in a plastic bag with a zipper and prevent excess air. Having air inside the bag can speed up the spoilage of food. Store dates at the bottom of the freezer to increase the storage time. In his way, at the time of power outage, the frozen items at the bottom of the freezer will thaw later and stay safe.

You can see the article on the best ways to keep dates fresh. 

If you are not interested in dried or semi-dried dates, you can use Rotab Dates. It is recommended to use Kabkab Dates. It is essential to know that most Rotab Dates and some dates are cool at high humidity. Indeed, eating dates with thick skin is not harmful, but some people are reluctant to use these dates due to their particular conditions, so it is recommended not to store them in the refrigerator in winter.

Should dates be refrigerated

Another thing to be noted is that if you put your dates and date paste in the freezer for a long time and are afraid of becoming bitter, you can take the kernel first, and if the skin is thick, you can peel it. You can also make a variety of pastries, desserts and smoothies with them. Keep in mind that the dried dates you buy should not be stored in plastic or nylon as their shelf life is very low.

Another thing to know is that dates can usually be stored in the refrigerator for a month. Wet dates can be stored in the fridge for more than eight months, and this is when they are correctly packed and can be used for a month if stored in a cabinet.

Also, be careful not to store dates in places where there are foods with a strong smell, such as garlic and onions. If the skin of the dates is peeled, it is essential to know that the peeled dates must be cooled for their skin to separate effortlessly. So you can chop it and taste it with a variety of foods and desserts.

According to the cases mentioned in this article, dates absorb dust and pollution during the packaging process. Therefore, you should wash the dates well before consumption, especially the bulk dates that are sold in bulk and without packaging, in a way that cleans them from all contaminants and germs.


Source: Crystal Dates Company

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Should dates be refrigerated