The benefits of eating dates for women

The benefits of eating dates for women

Energy Booster

Dates contain high amounts of sugar (monopolysaccharides) that this amount of sugar contained in dates of sugar content in the banana is also higher. This strengthens energy especially in women that can be quickly and easily entered into the body.

Improved skin elasticity

Due to vitamin C, dates can help to maintain and strengthen the skin elasticity. Nutrients in the palm increase the strength of subcutaneous tissues that make the skin softer and softer. Also, soothing skin and water is very strong because it is able to retain moisture at the surface of the skin.

Younger seen

With regular date consumption, you can get rid of wrinkles of the face fine lines, dates with black and red skin are more influential. The consumption of dry dates, which is high in pantothenic acid, will help to prevent damage caused by free radicals. This causes your skin to heal from within itself and have a more delicate and glowing skin.

Treat Skin problems

You can massage a mixture of dates and honey in those areas for better scars or acne. Studies have proven that dates can be a good help to fight skin disorders.

Having stronger and healthier hair

Dates contain B vitamins that are necessary for healthy hair. The deficiency of this vitamin can cause brittle and dry hair. If you have problems with hair loss, dates can help to prevent hair loss from within by strengthening the follicles. Just use 3 dates throughout the day.

Improved digestion

Fibers in the palm are an essential factor for the digestive system, which allows enough water to reach the digestive system, this reduces constipation, addition of potassium found in dates can help reduce abdominal discomfort and diarrhea.


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