The best time to buy Mazafati dates

the best time to buy mazafati dates

Late September and early October is the time to harvest dates.

Mazafati dates are also harvested during this period.

Bam is the most important producer of Mazafati Dates.

This city is located in Kerman province in the south of Iran.

In addition to Bam, these dates are harvested in other cities, but their quality is not suitable for export.

Pre-purchase in the harvest season

Most date buyers pre-purchase before the date harvest so that they can import freshly harvested dates into their country.

At the end of September, foreign buyers come to this city to buy the most important date in Iran called Mazafati.

Visiting cold stores is one of the common habits of buyers.

Pre-purchase is done in July and August.

The best time to buy dates for Ramadan

Most date buyers know that they have to buy dates earlier for Ramadan.

Usually, according to the time period of the beginning of Ramadan, you should buy 3 months earlier.

This time frame allows the supplier company,

Preparing the required load, sorting dates, packing, etc. are among the reasons that you should think about in advance.

Buy dates from Crystal dates Company

Crystal dates Company is one of the largest exporters of Iranian dates with 12 date standards, ISO certificates, European and Asian standards, etc.

Our company has made it possible to trade and pay in dollars, euros and dirhams.

It is also possible to buy using LC.

If the buyer wants to package the dates with his own brand, the buyer’s brand must be mentioned on the dates.

Crystal Date packaging has a variety of weights as well as different graphic designs that are designed to fit the target market.


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