The importance of packaging dates

The importance of packaging dates

Packaging has a huge impact on the sales of dates.

In recent years, the lack of proper packaging has led many countries around the world to sell Iranian dates in their own names

However, although this is still the same packaging progress in recent years could partly resolve this issue.

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Iran’s position in packaging of export dates

Due to the production of grade dates in climatic conditions and highly resultant land, Iran has been able to obtain a position among the first four countries of date production. This has helped to export.

This is because of the growing trauma in Iran, only to the land of the provinces of Iran, and no such good quality can be found outside of the country and other areas.
It should be noted that Iran has been able to allocate this position by replacing many reputable companies. Therefore, it can be said that export dates companies have a large proportion in the high ranking of Iran in the production of one-grade dates.

This is very important point that these companies have certainly stile to the professional designers to export and sell their production dates, after applying the necessary technologies and providing the appropriate conditions for producing high-quality dates. This packaging design has been working in a strong way that now many of these reputable companies have been recognized globally and have a special platform for exporting.

These companies have been able to insert approval on their class dates by observing the health principles and also by acquiring valid standards of the Ministry of Health, in order to attract customers  confidence, to make their progress in the export.

However, it is not an empty point that these companies are also in marketing affairs only through these factors, i.e. the degree of quality of dates as well as packaging to date and attractive dates, have reached a high ranking in exports and are globally recognized.

Is the packaging different for different countries?

Since people from different countries have their own customs, traditions and customs, so the type of packaging in each country is unique.

For example, the type of bucket packaging, which is one of the types of packaging in Iran that may not be popular in other countries, should also bear in mind that people’s tastes are also accustomed to this type of packaging, and if changed, It takes a long time for new packaging to become popular

In terms of packaging colors, it can also be tailored to the tastes of the people in the country so that people will like it and make more purchases.

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Therefore, it should be said that in exporting countries should have in mind that in order to sell dates and export them to different countries, they should know the favorite colors of the people of that country and according to their desires and preferences they can pack

Manufacturers and packaging factories, on the other hand, need to know that people love variety and attractive colors. Therefore, they should apply diversity in sales of products and types of packaging.

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An important point to note at the end is that just as packaging standards have a special place in export, therefore, the approval and favorable packaging of customers requires the mark of Ministry of Health standards that help many in exports.

Crystal Packaging

Finally, one of these reputable companies in export has pointed out that in decades, it has been able to find a worldwide reputation by producing a variety of high-grade dates and putting in special and up-to-date packaging.

This company is an export of crystal dates, which aims to produce high quality dates and following the satisfaction of customers in this long time, and is still powerful before and for gaining more customers ‘ confidence in increasing the quality of their production dates and closed design.


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