Treatment of anemia with dates

Treatment of anemia with dates

Perhaps one of the most influences on the use of dates, which is more emphasized among all other properties of dates, is the treatment of iron deficiency and anemia.

Anemia is a common symptom, especially in women and in the opinion of many experts of modern medicine and traditional medicine because of iron deficiency and anemia among women in recent years, mainly unsafe diets and non-use of Some foods are enough like dates.

Dates are one of the most nutritious fruits available in a large amount of folate. Folate, some of which is called folic acid in the body, it is a substance that facilitates the absorption of iron in the body and makes the iron used in food to be absorbed faster.

In pharmacies, they always prescribe folate or folic acid with iron tablets.

Meanwhile, the iron contained in the dates is also very high and the combination of these two is very effective for the growth of red glutarbol or red glutarbol in the body.

Folate is a substance of blood-maker.

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The presence of folate, with iron and vitamin B12, is the most important blood-building factors in the body, which is known as the three elements together in many animal foods and the dates have a large amount of these three elements in fruits.

Another important point in improving blood in the body is to prevent the dangerous bleeding of the internal organs or even the body’s exterior, which is essential for the body’s main requirement for vitamin C. At every 100 g of dates There is also about 14 mg of vitamin C and the human body needs to be perfect to 60 mg of vitamin C per day.

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Therefore, consumption of 3 to 5 dates per day can provide both the body, iron and vitamin B12 and vitamins in the body, as well as to improve the production of red blood cells and blood iron deficiency.
With this description it can be easily concluded that the dates are next to some other food such as currant, raisins or some nuts such as pistachios and almonds etc. per day if consumed in a certain amount no longer requires any iron and blood-building pills for women Or even not gentlemen.
In addition to traditional and old medicine, it also combines palm syrup with grape juice and berry syrup and build three sap or even add fig syrup to this compound and build four sap or mixing syrup as the best treatment for anemia is known.
The absorption of iron and folate in mixing sap is even much simpler than iron tablets and its durability and/or impact is also much greater.


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