Water Efficiency in palm tree

Water Efficiency in palm palms

The subject of the palm is one of the most important issues in the breeding of dates.

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Dates are one of the most important gardening products in the country which has an important role in food security, employment and environmental sustainability.

Due to having sugar, minerals and a variety of vitamins, it is a high nutritional value that is used in the industry in addition to food consumption .

A hundred grams of dates has about 300 calories, of course, the percentage of date ingredients depends on different factors such as cultivar, region climate, tree age and the method of operation to garden in the groves.

Due to the 400 of dates, Iran has the richest germplasm in the world, with about 50 digits from this complex, commercial and export value.

Dates are cultivated in thirteen provinces of the country

The results of the studies show that the time of dates in the country is facing numerous problems and challenges.

The study of major problems and challenges of date irrigation in five axis irrigation methods, irrigation planning, land drainage, unconventional water and water requirement of different dates of date showed that according to the cultivation and production area

Dates in the water groves (Faryab) of the country, the possibility of the economic production of dates in the country without irrigation.

Therefore, water is the first and most important factor in the production of dates in the country.

On the other hand, Iran is due to its low atmospheric and inappropriate distribution of temporal and spatial dispersion, including countries located in arid and semi-arid regions of the world.

Average annual rainfall is equivalent to 249 mm in the country, about one third of the world’s average rainfall, while annual evaporation in the country is approximately three times the global average.

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Therefore, lack of water resources is the first and most important factor in agricultural development of the country and accurate planning for the optimal use of water resources in the agricultural sector is of particular importance.

The intense competition between the agricultural, industry and urban sectors for water consumption on the one hand and drought events in the country, on the other hand, requires that each unit of water is obtained more.

So today, the slogan of water use in agriculture is the product more than any drop in water.

In this regard, the increase of water productivity in the groves of the country is a strategic and important issue due to the specific climatic conditions of the country, using appropriate scientific and technical methods to promote productivity

Water is essential in the dates section

The amount of water productivity in Iranian and world dates
Water and irrigation directly and indirectly play an important role in the production of dates and consequently in quantitative and qualitative performance of this product.

Palm dates are among the plants that need water in the upper limit, so that the net requirement of palm irrigation depending on the region and the irrigation method has estimated about 24 thousand m3 per hectare .

The net need for irrigationis based on FAO Penman method and for local and surface irrigation methods .

Therefore, although this tree is tolerant to environmental stresses such as drought and salinity, but it requires adequate water and good quality to produce optimal product.

Water use efficiency is one of the most important indicators of irrigation water consumption.

According to definition, water efficiency is the amount of product produced per unit of water consumption which is expressed in kilograms per cubic meter.

Determining the amount of production product is usually easier and based on official statistics, but it is very different regarding the amount of water consumed by statistics.

As a result, the quantity of productivity is highly dependent on statistics related to water volume and determination of productivity is always associated with doubts.

Unfortunately, in relation to water consumption, the amount of irrigation efficiency and water productivity in the nakhlistan of the country has not been accurate.

If the average requirement of pure palm irrigation in different provinces based on the share of surface irrigation methods and under pressure in that province, the total efficiency of irrigation in the country’s groves is also equivalent.


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