Will dates help the Iran economy?

Will dates help the Iran economy

Date is a rare fruit that is not cultivated in many countries. So it can help Iran’s export industry a lot.

A unique feature of dates

If we want to mention the specific and unique features of dates, this does not fit. So we only deal with the most important one, the date palm. This nutritious fruit is grown in all parts of the world to grow and in fact can be said of more dates may be specific to a particular geographical location.

Therefore, it may be said that fruit will be scarce throughout the world. However, many countries do not have this scarcity and the only reason is the purchase of dates from producing and exporting countries.

For example,it can noted to the date palms of Haji Abad, Hormozgan, Iran. These dates are only cultivated in the Haji Abad region, and if other areas are able to cultivate this crop, they will not have the quality of the first-century Haji Abad dates.

Therefore, it has been able to contribute significantly to Iran’s exports and to bring about prosperity and progress.

For example, applicants, customers, and buyers of Mazafati dates know that they should only buy these dates from Iran. Therefore, this creates a permanent dependency between buyers and the Iranian date industry

Other products export dates

It can be said that in addition to export dates, which have contributed a great deal to the export of Iran’s economy, products such as date kernels as well as date kernel powder are also exported

Packing date for export

Since the quality of the palm product and its taste are of the utmost importance, the type and appearance of its packaging are also of primary importance. For this reason, date packaging companies need to keep in mind that while giving customers and customers confidence in product quality, they are also pleased with the type of packaging and up-to-date and attractive designs

It should be noted that date packing companies are in fact a decisive role in foreign sales of dates.

Export date maintenance departments

In addition to the above mentioned, keeping in mind the hygienic tips during the packaging as well as the quality and quality of the dates, keeping the dates in order to stay healthy and maintain its high quality is also very important.

An important point

Finally, it can be said that these nutritious dates are one of the important aspects of the country’s economy that have helped Iran’s exports at all stages (planting, harvesting, selling and exporting).


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