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Zahedi Dates price : Zahedi dates are one of the most economically produced dates in Iran.

Zahedi dates are also known as Ghasb.

It has also an oval-shaped.

Like other dates, these dates are also produced in southern Iran . It is interesting to know that these dates are warm!

Price of Zahedi dates in 2020

Based on the approved rate for the dates this year in compare with last year, we saw significant price increases.

There have been change  in prices happend as a result of various reasons for the supply and cultivation of dates and for supply and export.

Many traders or buyers and marketers might pose this question that how long has this trend been going on ?

Will this high rate to be fixed in 2020 or will it continue to see a rise in date prices?

There is no accurate prediction on this matter ?

But it can be truly conjectured that we are unlikely to see a price drop in 2020 compared to this year, and this trend will continue. Therefore, all buyers, exporters and marketers of dates know that they should not seek to declare prices of various dates based on specific regulations and prepare themselves to buy dates at relatively higher prices in 2020.

Zahedi dates price in Iran

Based on the specific cultivation conditions of date palms Zahedi in southern Iran can be declared an average price for this type of dates. As you know, this dates is considered as dry date , and the climate and cultivation are proportional to the type of dates.

Accordingly, the quality control supervisors, after careful examination and verification of the accuracy of the cultivated dates and the health and taste of the delicacies, consider the price and consider the difficulties involved in planting these dates as well as the budget.

For the packing factories of this type, the final price of Zahedi dates will be announced in Iran.

As mentioned before, the birthplace of this type of date , like other dates in southern Iran.

In fact, these dates can be grown in Khuzestan, Bushehr and Fars provinces (south of Iran).

Firouz Abad are the main areas of cultivation and harvesting of Zahedi dates.

How to find the best price for dates?

Most people buy dates or even marketers and merchants are looking for the most suitable and best price for the best quality dates.

On the other hand, because profiteers pursue their own interests, they announce high prices for very low-quality, dates in order to exploit the trust and confidence of many real buyers.

Buyers have to be careful and study hard to identify these dealers and shouldnot buy dates at all.

Therefore, to find the best prices for dates you need only to look for reputable and reliable centers with valid Ministry of Health standards and trust symbols and only with companies and centers successful in dealing or exporting dates At the best price.

The reason for the difference between the prices of Zahedi dates in Bushehr and the dates of Zahedi in Khuzestan

Since date Zahedi is considered the main crop of southern Iran, therefore most areas in south of Iran are dedicated to date Zahedi cultivation. However, there are differences among the different cultivation areas of these dates, which have also had an impact on the quality of the dates. For example, Zahedi dates from Khuzestan province in southern Iran in Ahvaz city due to environmental conditions and suitable place of cultivation has higher quality than dates cultivated in Bushehr province in southern Iran.

Therefore, it is recommended for buyers who have high quality  Zahedi dates to research the different types of Zahedi dates cultivated in different regions of Iran and thus buy the most suitable ones. Here the quality and excellent quality Zahedi dates grown in hot and dry weather Ahvaz (Khuzestan in southern Iran province) is mentioned.

These differences also apply to the prices of Zahedi dates in different regions.

Price difference between bulk dates and packing dates

In date packing plants, dates are usually not packed in packing boxes of different weights. Noteworthy Buyers and Applicants Who are Buying and selling dates can be noted that if they want high quality dates in very high numbers and weights, do not seek to buy in limited packages.

In this regard, it is more advisable to purchase bulk date and bulk orders in bulk, in order to make the operation more cost-effective, as more bulk dates are included in the package, They can be bought and made with the same quality and high quality.

Price difference in custom tonnage

Marketers, traders, and exporters of palm varieties should also consider tips in high-tonnage orders so that their purches is wise and in their favor.

These include that if their order is 50 or 100 tonnes less, it can cost more than 100 tonnes.

This can greatly help buyers who want to export and sell high quality Iranian dates or anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Buy Dates from Crystal Company

Crystal Dates Export Company is a leading and reputable company in the field of buying and selling high and high quality dates as well as successful exporting from these days.

This company has been able to be the top company by applying relevant laws and regulations in the field of exporting and enforcing the standards of the Ministry of Health in the production line and packaging of its production dates in Bam city (south of Kerman province in Iran) as well as other cities.

This company can be a guide to many buyers who intend to sell dates and especially export first class Iranian dates to other Iranian cities as well as various foreign countries.

The company is now also accepting face-to-face consultations and debates, as well as online and offline requests to deliver high-quality dates in addition to gaining customer confidence.


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