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Zahedi dates wholesaler Crystal dates company


This date is one of the dates produced in Iran that is exported to foreign markets every year.

The low price of this date has caused it to have many customers. That’s why they are considered as the most economic dates.

This date has 2 types. Its first grade dates are more golden.

There are also Iraqi Zahedis . Many buyers confuse Irani and Iraqi Zahedis.

These dates are also called Ghasb dates.

These dates are mostly exported to Afghanistan and Pakistan and India.

The skin and flesh of these dates stick together.

You can name Crystal Dates Company as top-ranked Zahedi Dates Wholesavler in Iran, Dubai, the UAE, India, Mumbai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Russia, Europe and … .

Importers are always after Zahedi Dates Wholesaler who has few benefits such as packaging, transactions in other currencies, issue of LC, continuous service, competitive price, standards and certificates and etc., you can refer to Crystal dates Company having all these benefits and few more.

By having a branch in Dubai, Crystal Dates Company can be considered as the sole Zahedi Dates Wholesaler who supplies these dates in standard, posh, stylish packaging.

These packages are exclusively designed for Dubai and European market as they are very concerned about any commodity packaging.

There are many rules and regulations for exporting goods to Russia. Russian importers must purchase from a genuine Zahedi Dates Wholesaler who has all the food standards and certificates required for import to Russia, Crystal Dates Company with having an official license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, having 6 International ISO Certificates from Italy, being the only BRC certified company with a retail license in the UK, having 12 national date standards and having all the standards of the Ministry of Health, has the advantage of easily exporting to Russia, hence its considered as the main Zahedi Dates Wholesaler in Russia.  

Crystal Company can supply Zahedi dates in packaging and also in bulk quantity. Many Muslim populated countries such as India, Afghanistan and Pakistan would like to work with a Zahedi Dates Wholesaler, who can supply these dates in bulk quantity and also continuously throughout the year, as they have regular customers who demand for these dates.

Crystal dates Company who is equipped with a cold storage in Bam city, can supply such services to these countries.

Other Muslim countries such as Bangladesh and Indonesia, look for Zahedi Dates Wholesaler who offers these dates with an affordable and genuine price, Crystal Company has many customers as they offer their services and products at a very reasonable price.

Crystal Company can make transactions in other currencies such as US Dollars, Dirhams, and Rupees etc. hence this company is considered as one of the few Zahedi Dates Wholesaler in Dubai and other countries having this advantage.

One of the main criterion for many importers is that the chosen Zahedi Dates Wholesaler must be equipped with vacuum, shearing, strapping and shrink machines, which Crystal Company is possessing.

Crystal Company is the sole Zahedi Dates Wholesaler, who has a branch in Dubai and France, hence this company can supply the need for Zahedi through whole Europe, such as Spain, Italy, Germany, France etc.

and by having a packaging unit, their packaging is exclusively for Europe.

Crystal Company is the only Zahedi Dates Wholesaler in Malaysia who is familiar with this country and knows all the laws governing the Malaysian market as well as the country’s export and import laws in the field of exports to Malaysia and also shipping methods as there is long distance between Malaysia and Iran.

This Company supplies Zahedi dates in shortest possible time.

Hence Crystal Dates Company is considered as renowned Zahedi Dates Wholesaler in Iran , Dubai , the UAE , India , Mumbai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Russia , Europe and … .

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