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You can buy Iranian dates from Crystal Date company with years of experience in selling dates.

Iran as one of the producers of dates in the world has its own dates. This has made Iran one of the most important countries in date production.

Buyers and foreign companies who want to buy Iranian dates can be a reputable company and has adequate infrastructure for the supply of palm cooperate. Many buyers can not make good choices when they go to Iran.

The following criteria can help you in the purchase of Iranian Dates 

1 – The company must have standards for the variety of dates.

2 – The salesperson must have a dedicated refrigerator.

3 – Be sure to have standard and ISO certifications.

4 – Dates can be supplied in various standard packaging.

5 – It is also possible to supply the date on a large scale.

Quality of Iranian Date

Iranian dates, like the rest of the world, have different grades. When shopping for a visit grading date must be informed and try to buy your date preference. Another point to consider is to check the terms of the dealer’s date and the potential of the company’s sales. Many companies, like Crystal, are suppliers of dates that can provide a great price to buy dates.

Cities producing dates

In Iran, in all provinces, dates are not cultivated and in special provinces these dates are cultivated.

Cities like Bam, Jahrom, Haji Abad, Saravan, Bushehr and … date centers. Usually reputable companies like crystals in these cities have a dedicated maintenance dates are cold because the best type of date palm grows in every home.

Packing dates

Be sure to buy Iranian date of the note on the packaging.

Packaging is one of the most important items in the sale of dates in different parts of the world.

Packaging is also important for maintaining customer health and healthy dates. However, because dates are usually associated with the packaging, the packaging should be made of suitable food.

In addition, packaging should be in different weights and attractive designs tailored to the needs of the consumer as well as the global standards.

Diversity of Iranian dates

People need to buy a large variety of date because tastes differ is essential.

Iranian dates have different types of dry, semi-dry and humid.

This variety has helped a great deal to sell Iranian-made dates worldwide.

It also gives foreign buyers a great deal of power to buy dates.

Prices of Iranian dates

Iranian dates also have different prices for buyers to buy.

This has helped many buyers because they can choose the right date based on the profit margin.

Iranian dates are also well-priced given their globality and popularity.

You can also take a look at Import Dates to India .

The possibility of providing different dates in tonnage

Buyers can order dates in different tonnages and as needed.

Many buyers are willing to pack in specific weights that this weight variation can meet.


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Is the price of the Iranian dates offered by Crystal suitable?

Possessing an allocated refrigerating room in Bam city, the Crystal Company offers the most suitable price.

Is it possible to transact with dollars?

Yes, you can easily transact with dollars or dirhams.

Is it possible to take delivery in the form of FOB or CIF?

It is possible to take delivery in the form of FOB or CIF if required by the customers.

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