Shahani Dates

Shahani Dates

Shahani dates are a variety of wet dates that are cultivated in Iran and are widely consumed in Iran. Shahani dates, like Rabbi dates, have an elongated appearance and a narrow end, and are light brown in color. Some types of Shahani dates are also found in yellow or dark brown. Shahani dates are consumed unripe, ripe and dry and are one of the most consumed dates in Iran. Every year, a large amount of Shahani dates are exported to Asian countries, including India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, etc., and are one of Iran’s commercial cultivars.

Shahani Dates Properties

Shahani dates are very sweet and are a good alternative to sugar. Shahani dates, like other types of dates, are a good source of energy. The fiber in Shahani dates helps to better digest food and improves bowel movements. Shahani dates, like other types of dates, are rich in vitamins, especially B vitamins and vitamin C, and minerals, especially selenium, zinc, potassium and magnesium. In addition to vitamins and minerals, dates are rich in antioxidants. The most important known properties of Shahani dates is prevention of anemia and cancer.


Buy Shahani Dates

Shahani dates are sorted immediately after harvest and are divided into first grade and second grade. First grade Shahani dates are larger and have a better color, and second grade dates are smaller in size. Shahani dates, such as Kabkab dates, are sold pressed, vacuum-packed or in the form of pitted dates in small packages or in weights of 2, 3, 5 to 10 kg. When buying Shahani dates, pay attention to its quality. If Shahani dates are not fresh and have been left for a long time, they may have become sour or formed sugar crystals. If you are looking to buy quality Shahani dates with proper packaging, you can contact Crystal Dates Company. 

Buy Shahani Dates

Shahani Dates Price

Shahani Dates Price depends on the quality and method of supply. In addition to Shahani dates grading to first grade and second grade, the way they are packaged also affects its price. Shahani dates may be marketed dry, wet, pressed or pitted, each of which can have a different price. There are many factors involved in determining Shahani dates price. The manner of packaging, the amount of supply and demand, and the exchange rate are also factors that are very effective in determining Shahani dates price. Buying Shahani dates in bulk can be very effective in reducing your costs. Crystal Diet Company is one of the wholesalers of Shahani dates and Iranian dates and exports the highest quality Shahani dates directly without intermediaries at a reasonable price to neighboring countries and Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and India. To inquire about the current price of Shahani dates, you can contact Crystal Dates Company via WhatsApp or email. 

Shahani Dates Price

Shahani Dates Exporter

Shahani dates are one of the commercial and export cultivars of Iran and every year a large amount of Shahani dates are exported to other countries, especially to Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India. Some types of dates are grown only in Iran and many countries importing dates prefer to import their dates from Iran due to the unique quality and taste of Iranian dates. Shahani dates are also one of the unique types of dates that are also used in the production of date syrup and because of its sweetness and extraordinary taste, it is also used in the preparation of cakes and sweets. Shahani dates exporters in Iran export these unique dates in different packages and in different weights. Crystal Dates Company is also one of the most famous and experienced Shahani dates manufacturers and exporters and other types of Iranian dates and exports Shahani dates wholesale to many neighboring countries and Persian Gulf countries.

Shahani Dates Supplier

Shahani Dates Supplier

Shahani dates are mainly exported to Asian countries and neighboring countries of Iran, but in recent years has become very popular in foreign markets and about a thousand tons of Shahani dates are exported to European countries every year. One of the features of Shahani dates is that it can be offered pitted, dry or wet and in luxury packages, in small quantities or in bulk, and for this reason, it finds more and more applicants for its import every year. Crystal Dates Company is also one of Shahani dates wholesale suppliers and also supplies other varieties of dates and date products such as date paste directly without intermediaries and in various packages to world markets.

Shahani Dates Packaging

After harvesting, Shahani dates are transferred to factories equipped with sorting machines and after grading they are ready to be supplied to the domestic and foreign markets in various packages in different weights and in bulk. Shahani dates are mostly supplied in pressed and vacuumed packs to domestic and foreign markets. The product must be packaged in such a way as to maintain the shelf life of the product during storage and also during transportation. For this reason, you should keep these things in mind when importing Shahani dates. Crystal Dates Company, which has all the health certificates of dates, offers the best and most quality Shahani dates in bulk at a reasonable price in various, creative and standard packages, as well as in custom packages to domestic and foreign markets. For more information on Shahani dates packaging, you can contact Crystal Dates Company via WhatsApp or email. 



Kharak is unripe Shahani date and is edible.

Shahani dates are sold ripe or unripe. The unripe Shahani dates are also edible and have many health benefits. They are also used as sugar in some food products as a sweetener.

Shahani dates are soft long brown dates with the size of 4-5 cm.

Shahani dates are available in pressed blocks or arranged separately in boxes.

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  • When do you think is the best time to buy dates?

    • Dear Lohit
      The best time for buying Shahani Dates shall be at the time of Shahani Dates harvest in Autumn.

  • How do you guarantee the quality of the product after delivery?

    • Dear Ihsaan,
      Thanks for your attention.
      Having years of experience and a professional team for providing the customer’s demands and shipping the products with the best and high-quality, Crystal Dates Company guarantees the quality of its products after delivery.


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