Shahani Dates

Shahani date are also one of the dates productions in Iran.

These dates in Iran have consumed a lot, and in recent years it has also been able to sell well in the global markets.

This dates is drawn and have a narrow tip.



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The origin of Shahani Dates

The origin of these dates are in southern Iran and the provinces of Fars and Hormozgan.

The city of Jahrom is the main place to cultivation of Shahani dates.

Different types of Shahani Dates

These dates are both soft and dry dates.

These dates are one of the very sweet dates.

Also, these dates is the first and second grade.

One of the factors that differentiates between degrees 1 and 2 is actually the size of the date.

Longer and more coarse dates of high quality are among the grade 1 and 2 dates.

Shahani Dates Properties

This date is more sweet than other dates.

And the meat and skin of these dates are completely separated.

The fully ripe date color is light brown.

You can also take a look at the export company of dates.

It also has a brighter color than other dates.

Shahani is also often used as a delicious snack.

Shahani’s harvesting time is September.

This date consumption in Jahrom is very high.

Many buyers are traveling to Jahrom to buy these dates.

These dates are similar to Rabi dates, although the colors of these dates are different, but they are similar in size to the two dates.

This date is also very hematopoietic and having iron for people who have iron deficiency is used.

These dates can also be used to prevent osteoporosis.

It should be noted that the dates might taking a lot of problems for any person to come into being.

Of course, having dates until 5 or 6 is not a problem.

It is also used in traditional medicine to maintain calmness and also to adjust heart rate.

It also does not have high cholesterol and is also suitable for cholesterol regulation.

Many of the properties of this date with the other dates are common.

Maintenance conditions

Shrine dates should be kept at the appropriate temperature.

These dates should be kept at a temperature between 10 and 20 ° C.

Dates are usually due to its inherent structure, must be in a situation that doesnot corrupt.

Many of the dates due to poor storage condition quickly become corrupt.

It is important to keep the date in the proper place away from sunlight and insects.

Cold storage place of this date must meet the standards.

Also, for the transport of these dates, you should use the ventilation system.


These dates are used as flavors.

It’s also good for athletes who practice heavy exercises.

Also, these dates are compact and can be used as a snack.

The dates can be used to prepare sweets and cakes.

These dates are also used in the preparation of various types of jams and sweet snacks.

It can also be used as normal dates.

It is also suitable as a delicious and perfectly normal food for pregnant women, and contributes significantly to fetal development.

Shahani Dates Packaging

This date must be packed in accordance with the principles.

These dates are often presented in poor packaging due to special circumstances as well as inherent properties.

Our company, based on the principles of packaging as well as modern designs, is trying package the date according to the customers’ tastes.

Also, many buyers of these dates emphasize the type of packaging that these dates have.

Crystal Company at the same time as selling the best of the day, comes with the ideal packaging to bring customer satisfaction along with the right suit and affordable price.


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Which region produces the best kind of Shahani?

The best kind of Shahani grows in Jahrom city, Fars province, Iran.

Is it possible to transact with dollars?

Yes, you can easily transact with dollars or dirhams.

Is it possible to take delivery in the form of FOB or CIF?

It is possible to take delivery in the form of FOB or CIF if required by the customers.