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Lulu dates are characterized by a certain form, known as certain dates in the form and size of the plum, brown or partly red.

The special flavor of dates is like Piarom dates, but it is much cheaper than Piarom dates, but it has a sweet taste.

These dates are one of the unknown dates among the people.


The origin of Lulu dates

These dates are considered as a most important and high quality date dates of Behbahan, Khuzestan. It is also cultivated in Bushehr, Fars, and Hormozgan. It should be noted that the cities of Jam, Assaluyeh and Kangan are also known as the pole of production of these dates.

These dates are one of the dates that are still unknown and can be effectively introduced in the sale.

Currently, Iran’s climatic conditions, especially in Behbahan, are more suitable for cultivating this product.

Lulu Dates Types

classified as dry and semi-dry dates.

This type of date is not well-known for its sweet and good taste, and it’s just fans who have used more of these dates and have tried their taste.

Lulu Features

These dates are sweet and unique.

Due to the apparent resemblance to Plum, these dates are renowned for its popularity.

The skin is thin, and the weight of each date is between 3 and 5 grams.

The core of this type of date is seprated easily from its meat.

Although these dates are classified in the category of second-class dates, they are very popular with delicate soft flavors.

The sugar in this type of date is fructose and is recommended for those who tend to eat fewer dates.

Harvesting time

These dates Harvesting time in Iran is in last summer.

The dates are quite ready to be picked up in September.

Of course, the growth of these dates also depends on the cultivation area.

It is also possible to make changes when this type of date is riped.

It should be noted that these dates should be kept immediately after harvest in suitable places because the sap of this date may cause changes.


If we want to consume these dates in the short term, there is no problem keeping it at ambient temperature.

But if we want to keep these dates for a long term, it’s best to keep it in the right place at the right temperature.

To carry these dates, you must also use devices that have a good cooling system to keep the date healthy.

Also, the dates of the plumage should be away reach of insects.

The optimum temperature for keeping lulu dates should be between 0 and 5 ° C .

The nutritional value per 30 g of Lulu dates

Available minerals: 81 Kcal

Fat:0.37 gr

Sugar:0.80 gr


Trench fatty acids:0 gr

saturated fats:0 gr


These dates can be used as sweeteners.

Due to the presence of natural fructose sugars in the structure of these dates, it can be considered a good alternative to sugar.

In the preparation of various types of pastries and sweets, these dates are used as a flavoring and as a sweetener.

Organic foods that have been grown are being used.

It can also be consumed throughout the day as a nutritious and useful food.


Crystal Corporation, using and relying on the modern science, has tried to use standard packaging for Lulu dates.

It can also be said that dates cultivars are in compliance with the standards of the Ministry of Health in Iran and are also suitable for export.

Fortunately, the packaging industry has been making progress since then. In this regard, companies such as Crystal Corporation have been operating with the use of the best harvesting, transportation and packing technologies in Iran, which has caused customer’s trust and reliability high quality Lulu dates.

Crystal Lulu Dates

Crystal Corporation, taking into account the availability of equipped refrigerated warehouses in the cities producing Lulu dates, takes the necessary measures to keep this type of dates in the seasons.

Also, Crystal Company, having the highest quality, can be better known in the world as well as domestic and foreign markets, making better sales in global and domestic markets and abroad.

Considering that our company’s goal is customer satisfaction and customer health, it is very necessary, because according to this goal, which is one of the most important goals, our company has been trying to be able to purchase the most high quality dates for purchase.


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Yes, you can easily transact with dollars or dirhams.

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It is possible to take delivery in the form of FOB or CIF if required by the customers.

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