Lulu Dates

Lulu Dates

Lulu dates, also known as plum dates, are one of the varieties of dates that are cultivated in the southern regions of Iran. These types of dates have a round and small appearance similar to plum and their skin is wrinkled and adhered to the flesh like Piarom dates. Lulu dates belong to the category of semi-dry dates and their color is dark brown. Many people confuse Lulu dates with Khassui dates because of their round and small appearance, but they have less moisture and less nectar than Khassui dates, their skin is drier and more wrinkled, and their pit is easily separated from the flesh of the fruit. Iran is one of the largest producers of Lulu dates and every year, not only meets the domestic demand, but also exports a large amount of Lulu dates to other countries.  

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Of course, the quality of a product is very important in the purchase decision, but in addition to the product quality, the price, availability, and the manner and speed of service provided by the seller are also very important and can lead to the buyer’s trust or distrust. To buy Lulu dates at a reasonable price in the fastest possible time, you can refer to Crystal Dates Company, which is one of the most famous and largest sellers of Lulu dates in Iran and, with several years of successful experience in the field of dates manufacturing and export and benefiting from dates sorting and packaging factories and health certificates, has been able to supply the best and most quality Lulu dates in bulk at a reasonable price to domestic and foreign markets.

Lulu Dates Properties

When dates are dried, their sugar content accumulates and as a result, they taste sweeter than soft and moist dates. Lulu dates are rich in natural sugar and can be a good substitute for sugar. The pit of these types of dates is very small and its fruit is fleshy and contains a lot of fiber. Fiber helps regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and prevent digestive problems and feelings of hunger. Lulu dates, like other Iranian dates, contain a variety of vitamins and minerals and prevent the risk of many diseases, especially anemia and cancer.

Buy Lulu dates

Lulu Dates Price

Some varieties of dates have less shelf life due to their high nectar and may spoil if stored improperly. The absence of a lot of nectar and juice in Lulu dates and the dryness of their skin have made their packaging, storage and transportation conditions much easier, and this has played an effective role in lowering its price. Lulu dates can be stored at room temperature for eighteen months and do not need refrigerated containers for transport. Crystal Dates Company is one of the largest Manufacturers of Lulu dates in Iran and supplies Lulu dates to Arab, Asian and European countries without intermediaries at a cheaper price. To inquire about the current price of Lulu dates, you may contact Crystal Dates Company via WhatsApp or email.  

Lulu Dates Supplier

How a product is introduced and marketed has always been crucial for manufacturers. Some products are better and more useful than many other products and are enough to meet the needs of the market and the amount of demand, but the lack of proper introduction of the product, lack of identification of target customer and lack of proper supply to the market will lead to the failure of the manufacturer. In recent years, some suppliers of Lulu dates have tried to better introduce this product to domestic and foreign markets by changing the way it is presented and offered. Crystal Dates Company has been very successful in increasing the buyers of this product and reducing the Iranian dates price by aligning the products with the demands of domestic and foreign customers and supplying Lulu dates without intermediaries.

Lulu Dates Supplier

Lulu Dates Exporter

There is a great variety of dates in Iran and many palm groves can be found in tropical and southern regions of Iran. Lulu dates are one of the types of Iranian dates that are grown in hot and dry regions of southern Iran and now with the efforts of Iranian manufacturers and exporters have found many fans in the domestic and foreign markets. Crystal Dates Company is one of the most famous and experienced exporters of Iranian dates and also Lulu dates in Iran and has all health certificates and standards and also the international ISO certification and exports Lulu dates to all countries in bulk.

Lulu Dates Packaging

How the product is packaged and how it is stored has a great impact on attracting customers and overtaking other competitors. The export dates should be packaged in such a way that in addition to attracting customers in the foreign market, it guarantees its storage for a long time during transportation. Crystal Dates Company is equipped with special refrigerators for storing dates and exports the best and highest quality Lulu dates in various, creative and standard packages, as well as in custom packages. For more information on Lulu dates packaging, you may contact Crystal Dates Company via WhatsApp or email.  



Lulu dates are small round dates with a dark brown to black color.

Lulu dates are usually 3-4 cm in size and are smaller than other types of Iranian dates.

Lulu dates have less nectar than Khassui dates and have a more wrinkled skin.

Lulu dates weigh 7-9 gr depending on their moisture.

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