Sayer Dates

Sayer Dates

Dates are one of the most basic Iranian fruits and are tied to Iranian history. Cultivation of dates goes back to about 5,000 years ago. Dates are one of the Iranian products that are well-known in the world. Iranian dates, like Iranian pistachios, have many fans in the world, and many types of Iranian dates, such as Mazafati dates, are unique to Iran. Mazafati dates are specific to Iran and the best Mazafati dates are exported from Iran to all over the world. Another unique variety of Iranian dates is Sayer dates. Sayer dates, also known as Esta’meran dates, are among the best-selling Iranian dates. In the following, we will get to know more about Sayer dates. 

Sayer Dates Properties

As mentioned, Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) is one of the best-selling and quality Iranian dates, so it is better to explain a little about the appearance of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) so that you can more easily identify Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates). Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) can have different colors from red to dark brown, and the darker the skin, the better the quality, and the sweeter the taste. The skin of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) is almost separate and can be easily separated from the flesh. For this reason, Sayer dates can be used in cooking or other cases. The pit of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) is long. Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) are similar in appearance and size to Kimia dates, with the difference that Kimia dates are completely black, but Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) are brown.  

Buy Sayer Dates

When we think of price, we definitely think of purchase too. When buying Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates), you should take many factors into consideration. It is true that price is an important factor in buying Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates), but besides the price, there are other factors that are effective in choosing a Sayer Dates company from which you want to buy Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates). One of these factors is product quality. Another factor is the speed of customer service. Crystal Dates Company always strives to offer the best dates with the best prices to its customers in the fastest possible time and gain the customers’ satisfaction. 

Sayer Dates Price

Types of Sayer Dates

Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) have different sizes and are divided into 5 categories in terms of size:

Super Select Sayer Dates: The largest size of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) is Super Select. There are 75 dates in each 450 g box.  

Select Sayer Dates: The second size of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) is Select. There are 75 to 80 dates in each 450 g box.  

Grade B Sayer Dates: There are about 80 to 90 dates in every 450 g of Grade B box. 

GAQ Sayer Dates: This type of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) is small and there are about 90 to 110 dates in each 450 g box.  

FAQ Sayer Dates: The smallest size of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) is the FAQ model. There are more than 110 dates in every 450 g box.   

Sayer Dates Price

The price of each product is the most important factor to consider when buying that product. Sayer dates purchase also depends on its price. Sayer dates pricing has many factors that are effective in determining Sayer dates price. The type of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) will determine the price in the first step. The highest price is related to Super Select Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) and the lowest price is related to FAQ Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates). The quality of the dates will also determine the price in the second step. The higher the quality of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) and the darker the color, the higher the price. The next step is the purchase volume and the price which shall be proportionate to the purchase amount. For this reason, it is not possible to determine a fixed price for a product such as Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates), but you can easily contact the sales experts of Crystal Dates Company via email or WhatsApp and ask for Sayer Dates (Esta’meran dates) price according to your desired type, quality and volume. 


Sayer Dates Wholesale

Iranian dates are mostly exported to other countries wholesale. Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) are also sold every year to buyers abroad in bulk. Due to affordable transporting and shipping costs, etc., Sayer Dates (Esta’meran dates) are always sold in bulk, and buyers make their purchase for a whole year during the harvest season of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates). Crystal Dates Company is one of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) wholesalers with large cold storages and sorting and packaging factories, and has the ability to be Sayer Dates (Esta’meran dates) supplier at the request of all customers and export Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) to all countries of the world.   

Sayer Dates Supplier

Sayer Dates Manufacturer

Now, if we look at a higher stage, we will see that Sayer dates manufacturer stands higher than Sayer dates supplier. The number of Sayer dates manufacturers is limited and they do the whole process of production, harvesting, packaging, and sale. Buying Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) from Sayer dates manufacturer has very positive advantages that have encouraged many buyers to buy from Sayer dates manufactures such as Crystal Dates Company. 

Sayer Dates Supplier

So far, we have been talking about Sayer Dates sale and wholesale, but we did not make any mention of its supply. The important point is that there are differences between the seller and the supplier, and not every seller necessarily supplies that product. A seller of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) is only a seller and needs a supplier to sell Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) but Sayer dates supplier both sells and supplies Sayer Dates (Esta’meran dates) and has cold storage. There are many sellers all over Iran and abroad who sell Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates), but it is better to buy Sayer dates from Sayer dates suppliers so that in addition to quality assurance, the product will reach you at the best price.


Sayer Dates Exporter

Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) are one of the best-selling Iranian dates and, similar to such dates as Piarom dates and Kabkab dates, have a high rank of sales. Date importers from all over the world buy over one million tons of dates annually from Iran, and Iran, one of the largest Sayer dates exporters, exports the large quantities of Sayer dates (Esta’meran dates) required every year. The main Sayer dates buyers are India, which is the largest importer of dates from Iran, and East Asian countries such as the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc., European countries such as France, Spain, etc. and the countries of the Persian Gulf, such as the UAE.



GAQ is a Sayer date grade. GAQ Sayer dates are smaller than Grade B Sayer Dates.

Esta’meran or Stamaran are other names for Sayer dates.

Sayer dates are semi-dry dates and have about %14 moisture.

Sayer dates are commonly used to make pitted dates.

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  • How long does it take to export Sayer Dates to India?

    • Hi, dear Devansh
      It lasts 10 – 14 days after confirming proforma and deposit of the confirmed prepayment according to the contract plus one-week shipping to Mumbai Port.

  • Would it be ok to send me the price of wholesale and packaging Sayer Dates?

  • Do you have the possibility of an LC transaction?

    • Dear Chatura
      I appreciate your attention. Yes, we have the possibility for an LC transaction, and for more information in this regard, please get in touch with our sales experts through WhatsApp or email.

  • Is the harvest time of dates starting in Iran?

    • Dear John ,
      I give thanks for your attention. According to the cultivated areas, the harvest time of dates in Iran is from 20 August to the end of October yearly.

  • Do you have the possibility of shipping Dates to Jakarta port?

    • Dear Rimbo,
      I appreciate your attention. Yes, Crystal Dates Company ships a high tonnage of different Types of Dates to Jakarta port yearly.


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