Deglet Noor Dates

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Deglet Noor Dates is one of the most widely known dates in the world that is cultivated in Iran and Tunis.

These dates are also known as the queen of the date.

Deglet Noor Dates is one of the most commercial date varieties.

The origin of Deglet Noor Dates:

The origin of Deglet Noor Dates back to Algeria, Libya, Tunisia.

It’s interesting to note that these dates are also cultivated and harvested in the United States.

These dates in Iran are also growing  in the province of Khuzestan because of the specific circumstances of this province.

Iran is also one of the manufacturers of Deglet Noor Dates.

Deglet Noor date features:

These dates can be considered a part of dry dates.

The dates for the maintenance does not require refrigeration.

This date does not have a thick skin and also has a clear color.

Generally, these dates is clear honey color.

Of course it may change depending on the date.

It has a taste similar to honey.

Harvesting time

These dates have harvested in summer.

Maintenance conditions

These dates should be kept at an appropriate place away from insects as well as other organisms.

If the date has a moisture content at the place of storage, it will be reviewed by the conditions of the corruption of this date.

It should also be kept away from the sun to maintain good health.


Deglet noor dates can be used as sweeteners.

In the preparation of various types of pastries and sweets, these dates are used as a flavoring and as a sweetener.

Organic foods that have been grown are being used.

It can also be consumed throughout the day as a nutritious and useful food.

Because of the natural sugars in the structure of this date, it can be a good substitute for sugar.

Degelt Noor date properties

These dates are a good source of energy due to dryness.

The light Deglet dates can be used to improve vision as well as enhance the digestive system.

These dates are a good source of minerals for children, adults, pregnant women, and so on.


The palm packaging has been selling a lot.

These dates should always be marketed with standard packaging.

The packaging should be in accordance with public demand.

In fact, packaging design should also be of special interest to the people and make use of appropriate colors with up-to-date designs.

Crystal Co., with years of sales and packaging activities, can produce these dates or high quality packaging as well as suitable packaging for sale.

All packaging Crystal permissions are standard and special design.

Our company can offer a variety of packaging in different weights.


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