Mazafati Dates

Mazafati Date, also known as Kimia Date, is the most famous Iranian Dates production.

It is also called as Mazafati Rotab, Rotab means the stage of dates before being fully ripen.

Because of its taste and affordable price, Mazafati date is widely consumed in the world.

It also has many consumers in Iran.

Mazafati Dates are produced only in Iran.




The origin of the Mazafati Dates

The best kind of Mazafati dates grows in Bam city.

Many buyers also insist on buying Mazafati Dates from the city of Bam.

Bam which is located in Kerman province, south of Iran, is the main producer of Mazafati Date.

In addition to Bam, Mazafati Date is also produced in other cities of Iran. For example in Kerman, Hormozgan and Sistan and Baluchestan Province.

Kahnooj and Jiroft cities in Kerman province, are farmed for Mazafati cultivation.

In Hormozgan, Haji Abad city is farmed for cultivation of this date and in Sistan and Balouchestan province, Nikshahr, Saravan and Iranshahr are cities for producing Mazafati Dates.


Rotab Mazafati Bam

Mazafati types

Mazafati dates type depend on the type of the cultivation areas and the condition of the regions.

The high quality and the best type of Mazafati Dates are the black ones, which have the right moisture and have the largest customers.

There are also dry Mazafati dates which are brown in color.

The usual humidity of Mazafati Date is between 15% and 35%. Foreign customers usually like smooth and black Mazafati date.

Mazafati dates characteristics:

  • These dates look like ovals.
  • These dates are considered as wet dates.
  • The skin and meat of these dates are easily separated.
  • The taste of these dates is completely sweet and unique.
  • There are more than 20 types of Mazafati dates in Iran.

Harvest Time

Harvest seasons are Summer and Autumn.

Harvest time in Bam city is between September and November. Of course, this time is relevant to Bam city, therefore Mazafati Date may be harvested at different times in other cities.

Storage conditions

These dates need to be stored in refrigerators.

The optimal temperature for this date is between -5°C to +5°C.

At this temperature, Mazafati date can be stored up to two years.

In refrigerators, dates are almost frozen and are stored at low temperatures to prevent spoilage and damage.

Also, suitable items should be used for transport.

During transportation, Reefer containers are normally used to transport Mazafati Dates.

Usage cases

This date can be used as a replacement for food during the day.

It can be used to produce a variety of cake, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and other delicious meals.

In recent years, the production of food from dates has increased, and due to the taste of it, many manufacturers use dates to make better taste as well as tastier foods.

Also, Mazafati dates are used in the chocolate products.

In addition, many athletes use food items such as palm dates to strengthen and improve their body.

Students can also use Mazafati dates as a decent meal.


Best Mazafati Bam

The properties of these dates

This date has high nutritional value.

It has a lot of potassium in its structure.

It also has high iron and sugar.

The sugar in Mazafati date is natural and not harmful to the body.

However, people with diabetes should consult with the doctor before using these dates and not indulge in excessive use.

It is also suitable to strengthen vision and prevent osteoporosis.

In addition to the above benefits, Mazafati dates contain a lot of minerals.

It’s also a good diet to increase energy.

You can take a look at Iranian Dates Export Company.

Mazafati can contribute to better functioning of the nervous system in the body.

Dates can be considered as a perfect food for children as well.

However, it is better not to give dates to children under age 2.

It’s also a tasty meal for children at the age of growth.

For pregnant women, dates are convenient.

The point in the consumption of dates is their temperaments.

Different dates have different temperaments.

The main temperament of dates is hot.

Packaging Mazafati Dates

These dates are available in various packages.

Usually, these dates are in box packs, but depending on the customer’s requirements, the packaging material and its type can be changed.

“The issue of packaging in dates is so important that our company is fully in line with the updated principles of packaging in these areas.”

The packaging of the Mazafati date plays an integral role in its sale.

Crystal Dates Company can provide different packages with 550 gm, 650 gm, 750 gm and etc. weights for buyers.

The difference in weight is due to the difference in quality and the terms of the target country.

Crystal Mazafati dates

With regard to the experience of more than two decades in the field of date sales, Crystal Dates Company can provide buyers with the best form of sales.

Our company stores these dates with the updated principles with its dedicated refrigerators in Bam City.

You can get the best and good quality dates from the Crystal Dates Company with many years of activities in the field of export and sale of dates.


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Which region produces the best kind of Mazafati?

The best kind of Mazafati grows in Bam city, Kerman province, Iran.

Is the price of the Mazafati date offered by Crystal suitable?

Possessing an allocated refrigerating room in Bam city, the Crystal Company offers the most suitable price.

Is it possible to transact with dollars?

Yes, you can easily transact with dollars or dirhams.

Is it possible to take delivery in the form of FOB or CIF?

It is possible to take delivery in the form of FOB or CIF if required by the customers.