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Mazafati Dates wholesale

Mazafati dates are one of the most well-known and important Iranian dates in the world. There are about 20 types of Mazafati dates in Iran. Mazafati dates are in the category of fresh and moist dates and have a lot of nectar. The higher the nectar, the higher the quality. They are one of the most delicious and sweetest Iranian dates and, for this reason, they have a lot of fans inside Iran and abroad, and every year a large part of Mazafati dates are exported by Iran to the whole world. 

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Mazafati Dates Features

Mazafati dates have a pleasant and sweet taste. Mazafati dates are dark purple or black when harvested. The size of Mazafati dates is between 2.5 to 4.5 cm depending on the environmental conditions, its type, and the manner of cultivation and harvesting. The delicious flesh and rich nectar of these dates have attracted many fans. Mazafati dates have a high moisture content (about 30%) and to maintain their moisture and freshness, they need to be stored in a suitable environment. Suitable conditions for storing Mazafati dates are cool temperatures between -5 to +5 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, Mazafati dates, in addition to maintaining freshness, can be stored for up to 2 years. The thin and shiny skin of Mazafati dates can be easily separated from the large flesh of this product.   

Mazafati Dates Price

Mazafati dates, like Piarom dates, are among the most popular Iranian dates. Due to its reasonable price and delicious taste, these dates have a large part of Iran’s exports, so that the demand for this product is increasing every year, and this demand has caused Mazafati dates manufacturers to make more efforts to attract more consumers by offering reasonable prices. One of the factors that make buyers unable to find a good price to buy Mazafati dates are intermediaries and unreliable people in the market. Crystal Dates Company, as one of the largest Mazafati dates manufacturers, has always tried to offer the best and highest quality Mazafati dates at a very reasonable and competitive price for their sale. 

Mazafati Dates Price

For more information on Mazafati dates price, you can contact Crystal Dates Company via email or WhatsApp.

Buy Mazafati Dates

It is better to use Mazafati dates fresh because Mazafati dates have a special and delicious taste after harvest, i.e. in late summer and early fall. Therefore, the best time to buy Mazafati dates is every summer and fall. Of course, it is also important to note that large Mazafati dates manufacturers store them in cool environments or cold storage warehouses to maintain the freshness and moisture of the dates throughout the year. Mazafati dates are mostly demanded and purchased during Ramadan because it constitutes the main meal of fasting people to keep their blood sugar levels stable and maintain their energy throughout the day.  

Mazafati Dates Manufacturer

Iran is one of the largest Mazafati dates producers in the world. South of Iran is the center of Mazafati dates production and has the largest share in Mazafati dates manufacturing. Mazafati dates manufacturers carefully grade and store Bam Mazafati dates in special warehouses immediately after harvesting. As Mazafati dates need to be stored in cool environments, these warehouses are equipped with special cold storages and refrigerators to maintain the freshness of Mazafati dates until sale.   

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Mazafati Dates Wholesaler

Mazafati dates are exported wholesale all year long to all over the world. One of the factors that has increased the wholesale demand for Mazafati dates is the difference between the wholesale and retail prices of this product. So that Mazafati dates buyers usually buy high tonnages of Mazafati dates in bulk in order to reduce ancillary costs such as transportation and shipping costs.

mazafati dates

Mazafati Dates Supplier

Crystal Dates Company has met the needs of many traders in the world every year and has introduced itself as one of the largest Mazafati dates suppliers in Asia and the world. Due to the elimination of intermediaries, this company exports Mazafati dates at a cheap and competitive price and has gained the satisfaction of traders and its customers. Mazafati dates suppliers should always keep in mind that the most important factor to increase demand and sales of products is customer satisfaction. This means that in addition to reasonable prices, providing appropriate services and facilities can lead to greater customer satisfaction. 

Crystal Dates Company, as one of the best Mazafati dates suppliers, has put this point high on the agenda and now it has been able to expand its scope of work and export its products to 60 different countries of the world.  

Mazafati Dates Exporter

As mentioned, Bam Mazafati dates constitute a high rate of exports of dates in Iran. Dates exporting companies have a special view on the export of Mazafati dates and earn a good income from the export of this product. Mazafati dates exporters in Iran export these first-class, tasty and popular dates to the Persian Gulf countries, Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia, and European countries such as Russia, France and Germany.

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Mazafati Dates Benefits

Mazafati dates are rich in various minerals and are widely used in medical and food industries. The nectar in these dates is natural sugar which can be a good substitute for daily sugar consumption. Therefore, many patients with diabetes use Mazafati dates in a controlled manner as an alternative to sugar with a doctor’s prescription. Also, the fiber and potassium in these dates help to improve the function of the digestive system, and because the soluble fiber is digested slowly, we feel hungry later, which allows us to control our weight. Mazafati dates also help strengthen eyesight, improve nervous system function and prevent osteoporosis. In addition to medical uses, Mazafati dates can be used as a complete snack because the nectar in these dates meets the body’s need for sugar. Today, Mazafati dates are used in baking and preparing all kinds of cakes, ice creams, chocolates, cookies, etc.   


Mazafati dates are moist and fresh dates with a black or blackish brown color and an oval shape.

Crystal Dates Company can ship all the dates with refrigerated cargo ships. Fresh and moist dates may need refrigerated cargo ships for transportation and Crystal Dates Company can ship all its products with refrigerated vessels according to customer’s request.

Mazafati dates have a shelf life of 12 months after packaging.

Mazafati dates have an average size and are usually 4-5 cm. They are smaller than Medjool dates and larger than Piarom dates.

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  • How can we inform of the Mazafati Dates price?

  • Do you guarantee the quality of Mazafati Dates?

    • Dear George
      Thank you all for your attention.
      Yes, since Crystal Dates Company harvests Mazafati Dates from the best palm groves, and packages and supplies them with high technology and high-quality, this company guarantees the quality of Mazafati Dates.

  • Does Crystal Dates Company offer discounts for bulk purchases of Mazafati Dates?

    • Dear Gagan
      I appreciate your attention. Yes, Crystal Dates Company offers good discounts for bulk purchases of Mazafati Dates and other types of dates.

  • Do you export Mazafati Dates to Germany?

    • Dear Tomas
      Yes, Crystal Dates Company exports Mazafati Dates to the European Countries such as Germany.

  • Is the shipping progress by FOB or CIF?

    • Hi Dear Crisrtopher
      Thank you in advance for your attention. Yes, we have all types of incoterms. For more information in this regard contact our sales experts through email or Whatsapp

  • I want to buy two containers of Mazafati Dates (about 50 Tons). Is it possible for you to provide this amount?

    • Hi Dear Nehalem
      Yes. Our Company is capable of providing different types of dates in every tonnage.

  • Do you have a refrigerator container for shipping Mazafati Dates?

    • Dear Stephan,
      Thank you in advance for your attention. Our country has refrigerator containers for shipping Mazafati Dates and other dates that need to be kept in cold storage during shipment.

  • Hi, I am looking for Mazafati Bam Dates, What is the details and price for Mumbai Port, India ?
    What is the procedure ? Please send details asap.

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