Kabkab Dates

Kabkab Dates

More than 600 types of dates are grown throughout Iran annually and a certain number of them are recognized as commercial dates and are exported to foreign markets. Iranian dates have a special place among the dates in the world and have found a lot of fans. The reason is the high quality of Iranian dates. One of the most important commercial and export dates is Kabkab dates. Kabkab dates, like other commercial dates such as Piarom dates, have a high volume of annual exports of Iranian dates. Kabkab dates are also known as “Dashtestan dates” which is the name of their harvest area and some people know Kabkab dates by this name. In the following, we will examine the characteristics and physical features of Kabkab dates.


Kabkab Dates Features

Kabkab dates are classified as wet dates and have a lot of nectar and in this respect it is similar to Kali dates. Kabkab dates are yellow when unripe and, when ripe, turn brown, and can range from light brown to dark brown. Kabkab dates are grown in many cities, so they have different harvest times, but are usually ready for harvest in late summer and early fall. The size of Kabkab dates is medium and is about 3 to 4 cm. In terms of size, appearance, and pit, they are almost the same size and similar to Mazafati dates, but the skin of Kabkab dates is thicker than Mazafati dates. These physical features have made Kabkab dates very popular all over the world and are among the most important dates in the world market.

Kabkab Dates Price

Kabkab dates price in world markets depends on various factors, each of which has its own importance and will be effective in determining Kabkab dates price. The quality of Kabkab dates has always been the most important factor in determining the price. Kabkab dates are of good quality, dark in color and have a lot of nectar, and this nectar has made Kabkab dates desirable. Freshness of dates also affects its quality. Other factors that are effective in determining the price of dates are the type of packaging, destination, method of shipment, purchase volume, etc., and to calculate the price of Kabkab dates, all of these items must be taken into consideration. For this reason, you can contact our sales experts via WhatsApp or email to find out the current price of Kabkab dates.

Kabkab Dates Price

Buy Kabkab Dates

Every year, many buyers and traders buy Kabkab dates. They take many things into consideration and then, from among the sellers, decide to which one to buy Kabkab dates. Obviously, the first thing to be considered will be the Kabkab dates price, about which we have given enough information. The next item will be the quality of the Kabkab dates. Fresh, uniform and tasty dates always attract customers. The type of packaging will be the next item to take into consideration. Sturdy, appropriate and beautiful packaging will be an important factor in the decision. Another factor in buying Kabkab dates is good customer service. Speed ​​in providing service and shipment, transparency and respect for the customer are always important. Crystal Dates Company is always trying to deliver the most important products with the highest quality and the most appropriate price in the shortest possible time and with the best packaging to bring customer satisfaction. You can also buy Kabkab dates via WhatsApp or email and submit your order.   

Kabkab Dates Manufacturer and Supplier

Usually Kabkab dates wholesale is done by a Kabkab dates supplier. But in addition to Kabkab dates suppliers, Kabkab dates manufacturers can also export dates. The difference between a Kabkab dates supplier and a Kabkab dates manufacturer is that the suppliers buy their dates from the manufacturers, and when buying Kabkab dates from Kabkab dates supplier, there will be an intermediary between the supplier and the manufacturer. In such a case, the price will undoubtedly be higher. So it makes sense to buy from Kabkab dates manufacturers like Crystal Dates Company to receive fresher and quality products with a reasonable price.


Kabkab Dates Wholesale

Kabkab Dates Wholesale

Wholesales of Kabkab dates, other varieties of dates or date products such as date syrup earns a lot of foreign currency for the country’s agricultural industry and a large volume of domestic date products are exported abroad. Kabkab dates wholesale is always economical and Kabkab dates importers make a wholesale purchase. Ask for wholesale prices of Kabkab dates from wholesale suppliers of Kabkab dates such as Crystal Dates Company.

Kabkab Dates Exporter

Iran is one of the largest exporters of Kabkab dates and also other varieties of dates and annually supplies a large volume of Kabkab dates required by the world market. High quality and reasonable price are the reasons for Iran’s superiority over other countries. Kabkab dates manufacturers in Iran sort Kabkab dates after their harvest and keep them in cold storage. They then start packing the dates and they are ready to be shipped. These Kabkab dates exporting companies supply the dates needed by Kabkab dates importers in the market. Kabkab dates are exported to different countries. India is one of the largest importers of Kabkab dates from Iran. Other Kabkab dates importers include East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, etc., Persian Gulf countries such as the UAE, Qatar, etc., as well as European countries such as France, Spain, Germany, etc.  



Half-ripe dates are called Rotab and unripe dates are called Kharak. Kabkab dates can be used unripe, half-ripe or fully ripe.

Kabkab dates are soft and moist dates and are very nectarous.

Yes Honey dates are Kabkab dates that are harvested unripe or half-ripe and kept in cold storages.

Kabkab dates are packaged in pressed blocks or arranged separately in the box.

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    June 2, 2021 7:51 am

    please send me the quote with minimum quantity for each Date can export by you along with quality of Dates.
    prices FOB Iran . and also mention the packaging.

    Manish, India

    • Hi, dear MANISH GANGWANI
      Thanks for your attention, our experts will answer your questions as soon as possible.

  • How long does it take to ship the cargo to Bangladesh?

    • Dear, Safirul
      It lasts about two weeks after confirming proforma and deposit of the confirmed prepayment according to the concluded contract plus one-week shipping to Bangladesh.

  • How long does it take to package and supply dates?

    • Dear Yakub,
      I appreciate your attention. The process of packaging dates to be prepared for supplying shall last about two weeks after confirming the proforma.


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