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Date Paste

Get to know Iranian date paste

Date products such as date paste, date syrup, etc., as well as various types of dates such as Khajoor dates  etc. are considered as the most important export products of Iran. Date paste is one of the date products and one of the simplest and most widely used date products exported from Iran. This food is prepared from the best and highest quality dates. After peeling the dates, they are ground and then kept as a paste. Date paste has high uses in the food industry and has no preservatives. This unique and delicious product has many fans in international markets due to its excellent taste and unique properties, and is in high demand in many countries.


Some date paste features and benefits

Consuming date paste as a sweetener not only relieves you of harmful sugars and other artificial sweeteners, but also provides the soluble fiber needed by the body. The fiber in date paste speeds up the metabolism and empties the intestines and helps treat constipation. Date paste is a good source of iron that can help prevent anemia and iron deficiency. The high amount of iron in dates along with vitamins C and D not only promotes blood cell formation and strengthens the body immune system, but also helps skin health by creating a resilient structure in the skin. In addition to the above, the consumption of date paste not only prevents many diseases due to the large amount of various antioxidants, but also is useful for the cardiovascular system, nerves, respiratory tract, chest and throat pain, treatment of colds and various infectious diseases, and so on.

Inquiry about the date paste price from Crystal Dates Company

Date paste price varies, like the price of other types of dates such as Piarom dates, Rabbi dates, etc., in international markets based on different conditions. The date paste wholesale price is no exception to this rule. The price of different types of date pastes is variable in many international markets and depends on many factors. These factors include quality, grade, packaging, etc., and all of these factors also affect the date paste sales price. 

date paste price

Date paste importers around the world pay special attention to the date paste purchase price and the date paste wholesale price and seek to buy this product at a reasonable and affordable price. If you want to buy date paste, you can contact our sales experts at Crystal Dates Company and buy the product you want.

Buy date paste from date manufacturers

If you are going to buy date paste, we recommend that you buy this product in bulk to enjoy an affordable and reasonable price. Date paste wholesale suppliers provide this possibility for you. Do not look for any other supplier than Crystal Dates Company to buy bulk date paste at a reasonable and competitive price. This company, which is a date paste wholesale supplier, is one of the most reputable and well-known companies in the world and is able to supply quality date pastes in various weights and high tonnages. Crystal Dates Company is a well-known date paste manufacturer around the world and annually uses a variety of Iranian dates such as Kalute dates, Shahani dates, etc., to produce a high tonnage of date paste and exports it to many countries around the world.

Date paste wholesale and supply

One of the best date products is date paste, which is also one of the most important date products, like chopped dates, and is supplied in bulk by the top date paste suppliers around the world. These date paste supplying centers offer this unique product in standard and high quality packages to domestic and international markets. For bulk purchase of date paste and all kinds of dates such as pitted dates, Zahedi dates, etc. without intermediaries and at a reasonable price, you can refer to the centers that are well-known wholesale suppliers of date paste, such as Crystal Dates Company. This date paste wholesale center is one of the most popular and well-known companies that supplies date paste and other date products. Wholesale of high quality date pastes in this center, which is one of the wholesale suppliers of Iranian dates, is done at the most appropriate price. This date paste company also provides a variety of dates to date importers. 

Date paste wholesale

Date paste exporter in Iran

Iran is one of the date-producing countries and one of the largest exporters of date paste in the world. Due to the high quality and reasonable price of this unique product, Iran has been able to attract the attention of many importers of date paste around the world. Iranian date paste has a good domestic and international market, so that it is one of the most important Iranian dates export products. Date paste exporting companies export this product to the international market in different packages or in bulk, and the most important point in exporting and supplying this date product is the good quality of the product. 

Crystal Dates Company, a date paste manufacturer and exporter, has started its activities in this field with the aim of supplying and exporting date paste directly in the shortest possible time and satisfying date paste customers and importers. This company makes it possible to supply high tonnages of this product with reasonable price, desirable quality and excellent taste, and makes every effort to facilitate transportation and storage, and proper supply and export of this product for you, dear customers, around the world.

Date paste packaging by Iranian date manufacturers

Iranian dates are supplied to international markets in stylish and quality packaging, in compliance with health standards and principles. This date product is prepared from the best harvested dates. When ripe, dates are harvested from groves and sent to processing and packaging factories. After processing and grinding, a semi-solid, dough-like composition is obtained from dates, called date paste, which is packaged in various weights and supplied to foreign markets. For export of date paste and other types of dates, standard certification of compliance and health certificates are required. Crystal Dates Company operates in Iran and uses the best technologies for dates harvesting and packaging, which has led to the satisfaction and trust of customers and Iranian dates importing countries.



These date pastes do not contain nuts and are pure date pastes.

Our date pastes are supplied in 500 g to 1 kg packages for retail and 5kg to 25 kg packages in bulk.

Date paste is used for confectionery production, bakery and chocolate industries.

Our date pastes are made from all varieties of Iranian dates including Mazafati dates or Shahani dates.

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