Kimia Dates

Kimia Dates

Kimia date is one of the highest quality and best-selling Iranian dates and due to its extraordinary taste, quality, size and unique appearance, it has the largest volume of Iranian dates exports. Kimia dates are known as Mazafati dates, Rotab dates, and Bami dates in Iran and as Kimia dates in India. The size of Kimia dates is 4 to 5 cm and it has about 15% to 35% moisture. The color of Kimia dates is dark brown, but the highest quality Kimia dates are black. The skin of Kimia dates is easily separated from their flesh. Kimia dates have the highest export volume among Iranian dates. India is one of the main importers of Iranian Kimia dates.

Buy Kimia Dates

When buying Kimia dates, you should consider many things that are very effective in determining the quality and price of Kimia dates. Taste, size, color, pests, crushing, sourness, sugar crystallization, healthy texture and skin are some of the things to consider when buying dates. Kimia dates, like Kali dates, are soft and moist and must be stored in good conditions to maintain their quality. It is recommended that you buy Kimia dates from reputable dates supplying companies or from reputable and trusted brands that have all health certificates and approval of the Food and Drug Administration and care about customer satisfaction and quality of Kimia dates. 

Crystal Dates Company is one of the most famous and experienced Kimia dates exporters in Iran and operates in the field of Kimia dates wholesale supply to foreign countries.

Kimia Dates Price

Many factors play a role in determining Kimia dates price. Kimia dates are graded and therefore have different prices. The type of packaging and brand of Kimia dates are also very effective in determining its price. The manner of picking and collecting, the manner of sorting, the quality of packaging, and the manner of storing and transporting Kimia dates are all effective in determining its price. Reputable Kimia dates supplying companies try to supply the best, freshest and highest quality Kimia dates to the domestic and foreign markets at a reasonable price. By wholesale purchase from Kimia dates manufacturers, you can significantly reduce your import costs. Crystal Dates Company is one of Iranian Kimia dates wholesalers and exports the freshest and highest quality Kimia dates and varieties of Iranian dates directly to Asian countries, Persian Gulf countries and European countries without intermediaries at a reasonable price. To inquire about the current price of Kimia dates via WhatsApp or email, feel free to contact Crystal Dates Company.  

Kimia Dates Price

Kimia Dates Exporter

Kimia dates are one of the unique and best-selling types of Iranian dates, and the suitable climatic conditions of Iran for growing different varieties of dates allow this very popular and unique type of dates to grow only in Iran, and due to its special taste and excellent quality many countries import high tonnages of Kimia dates. A large share of Iran’s dates exports is related to the export of Kimia dates and Piarom dates. India is one of the countries that imports a large amount of its needed Kimia dates from Iran. Crystal Dates Company is one of the most famous and experienced Kimia dates manufacturers and exporters in Iran and has all health certificates as well as dates national and international standards and exports Kimia dates to all countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and the Persian Gulf countries.

Kimia Dates Supplier

Kimia Dates Supplier

When buying Kimia dates, it is recommended to buy from suppliers who manufacture Kimia dates themselves. Direct dates suppliers control the entire process of Kimia dates supply from the stage of its cultivation to its supply to domestic and foreign markets and always try to supply the freshest and highest quality Kimia dates to buyers. By buying directly from dates manufacturers, you can greatly reduce your import costs. Crystal Dates Company is one of Kimia dates wholesale suppliers and supplies a variety of Iranian dates and date products such as date syrup, pitted dates and chopped dates to global markets directly without intermediaries in various packages. 

Kimia Dates Properties

Kimia dates are considered as soft and moist dates and therefore have less sugar than dried dates and diabetics can eat it as an alternative to sugar. Kimia dates contain fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals. By eating a few Kimia dates or date products such as chopped dates a day, you can get the iron your body needs. Research has shown that the human body needs 310 mg of magnesium per day, and every 100 grams of dates contains about 63 mg of magnesium. Kimia dates strengthen the nerves and the magnesium and phosphorus in this fruit strengthen the nerves and the brain. Kimia dates also contain a lot of vitamin A and vitamin B.

Kimia Dates Packaging

Kimia dates should be carefully picked and sorted after harvest and stored in suitable and equipped refrigerators due to their high moisture. Kimia dates need a refrigerated container for transportation and their packaging must guarantee the quality and health of the dates. Failure to store some wet dates such as Kabkab dates, Kalute dates, and Shahani dates in a suitable environment and also failure to use proper transportation may reduce the quality of dates. The packaging design of a product should be such that it maintains the shelf life of the product during storage and also during transportation. For this reason, you should keep these things in mind when importing Kimia dates. Crystal Dates Company possesses dates sorting and packaging factories and health certificates and provides the best and most quality Kimia dates in bulk at a reasonable price in various weights and creative packages. It also offers custom packages with the customer’s desired brand to domestic and foreign markets. For more information on Kimia dates packaging, feel free to contact Crystal Dates Company via WhatsApp or email.   



Kimia dates is another name for Mazafati dates. Kimia dates are also called Bam dates or Khajoor dates.

Kimia date is a fresh, soft and nectarous date with %15 to %35 moisture

Kimia dates are moist and shall be kept in a cool and dry place.

Kimia dates are grown in Iran and are the best-selling variety of Iranian dates. 

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