Piarom Dates

Piarom Dates

Iranian dates have always been famous all over the world. The high quality and pleasant taste of Iranian dates distinguish them from other varieties of dates. Annually, a large amount of Iranian dates are exported to other countries such as India and have a lot of fans in global markets. One of these important and commercial Iranian dates is Piarom Dates. Piarom dates, which are one of the most luxurious and delicious dates, have a high volume of exports. They are also known as Maryami dates in many areas and have attracted the attention of buyers around the world due to their beautiful and elongated appearance. In the following, you will become more familiar with Piarom dates.


Piarom Dates Features

Piarom dates are long and their color is brown and in some cases light brown or dark brown. The average size of Piarom dates is about 4 to 5 cm. The skin of Piarom dates is adhered to its flesh and has a beautiful appearance. In appearance, these dates are very similar to Rabbi dates and Medjool dates, and with their excellent taste, they have always been able to compete with Medjool dates. Piarom dates are classified as semi-dry dates with less than 15% moisture. This has led to a shelf life of 18 months or more.  

Piarom Dates Price

Piarom dates are one of the most luxurious and unique Iranian dates and have their own fans in world markets. Every year, large quantities of these dates are exported to all over the world. The price of Piarom dates depends on many factors. Factors such as the quality of dates, purchased quantity, type of packaging, destination, shipment method, tariff, etc., which all together determine the final price of Piarom dates. Therefore, the exact price cannot be determined for all cases. But you can always contact our sales experts via WhatsApp or email and request the updated price of Piarom dates and other dates such as Mazafati dates

Piarom Dates

Buy Piarom Dates

Price has always been one of the important factors in purchase decision, but apart from price, there are many other factors that have always been effective in buying Piarom dates. One of the most important factors is ease of purchase. Another important factor is the quality of Piarom dates. The type of packaging shall be also taken into consideration. Taking all the above into consideration will lead to Piarom dates purchase. Crystal Dates Company always strives to provide dates with the highest quality, best price and suitable packaging to its buyers and customers.

Piarom Dates Supplier

Piarom Dates Supplier and Exporter 

Iran is one of the largest exporters of Piarom dates worldwide and annually a large volume of Piarom dates grown in Iran is exported. Piarom dates are exported to many countries in the world, including East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc., European countries such as France, Spain, Russia, etc., as well as the Persian Gulf countries such as the UAE and Oman. Crystal Dates Company, a large Piarom dates supplier, is responsible for exporting large quantities of Piarom dates every year and is one of the famous Piarom dates suppliers in world markets. You can submit your request as well via WhatsApp or email and buy from a Piarom dates supplier. 

Piarom Dates Wholesale

Piarom Dates Wholesale

Every year, a large volume of piarom dates are exported from Iran in bulk. Piarom dates wholesale price has always been reasonable and encouraged buyers to purchase Piarom dates wholesale. The high quality of Piarom dates planted in Iran has caused importers of Piarom dates and other dates such as Lulu dates to buy from Iran.  


Piarom Dates Manufacturer

As mentioned, Iran is one of the world’s leading Piarom dates exporters. In Iran, especially in the southern parts of Iran, many groves are being cultivated for different varieties of dates, including Piarom dates. After harvesting, Piarom dates manufacturers transfer the dates to cold storages and then sort and package the dates in factories. They are then ready to be shipped and exported. There are a limited number of Piarom dates manufacturers in Iran and it is better to buy dates from manufacturers to buy the products with both a high quality and a reasonable price. Crystal Dates Company is always ready to serve its customers as a Piarom dates manufacturer.


Piarom Dates Benefits

Like other dates, Piarom dates are rich in minerals and nutrients. Piarom dates contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C and E, as well as minerals including iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, etc. Piarom dates are rich in fiber and have positive effects on the body. The antioxidant content of Piarom dates is useful in preventing various cancers and many diseases. Piarom dates are low in sugar and it is recommended to include some Piarom dates or some date paste in your daily diet to benefit from its positive effects.  



Maryami dates are the same Piarom dates with a different name.

Piarom dates are considered luxury dates and have a large number of customers because of their largeness, good appearance and pleasant taste.

Piarom dates are long dry dates with a dark brown color.

Piarom dates have an average size of 3.5-56 cm and weigh about 10-12 gr.

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  • Do you have any agents for Piarom Dates in India?

  • Are your Piarom Dates at the same price as this product in the international markets?

    • Dear Karan
      I give thanks for your attention. Yes, Crystal Dates Company supplies Piarom Dates at the same price as this product in the international markets.

  • Do you guarantee the quality and freshness of your Piarom Dates after delivery?

    • Dear Nicolas
      I appreciate your attention.
      Crystal Dates Company has always guaranteed the quality of its products.

  • How do you guarantee your cargo quality?

    • Hi Dear Simon
      Crystal Dates Company supplies and exports high-quality and fresh different types of dates. So, this Company has always guaranteed the quality of its products.

  • When do you think is the right time to buy dates?

    • Dear Lauhit,
      Thank you in advance for your attention.
      The best time for buying dates shall be at the beginning of harvest season, which is different in various dates.

  • Do you have offices in other countries?

    • Dear David,
      I give thanks for your attention.
      Yes, Crystal Dates Company has a branch in Dubai, so that this company can supply different types of dates in many countries

  • Plz let me know which time I buy pairom dates and what is cost


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