Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates

Medjool dates, also known as the “king of dates, are one of the most globally famous date cultivars, which grow in tropical climates and originated in Morocco, but today, like Deglet Noor dates, they grow in many countries, such as Iran, the United States, and Saudi Arabia, and have become a commercial date. Medjool dates are part of the category of soft dates and are often sold dry. The large size and caramel-like taste and soft texture of Medjool dates make them very desirable and popular. Medjool dates, like Piarom dates, have an elongated appearance and wrinkled skin, and their color is dark brown, but they have a soft, moist, fleshy texture. Due to the hot climate, Iran produces the best and highest quality dates and every year a large amount of dates are exported from Iran to Asian and European countries.     

Buy Medjool Dates

You can buy Medjool dates online from our website right now. When buying Medjool dates, in addition to the freshness and quality of the dates, you should pay attention to the seller’s reliability. We cultivate Medjool dates organically in Iran, which has a warm and suitable climate for the growth of Medjool dates, and immediately after harvest, we wash, sort and pack them and supply them to domestic and foreign markets without any additives. Most types of dates can be stored for a long time at room temperature, but to buy dates in bulk, it is better to store them in the refrigerator because Medjool dates dry quickly. By buying dates in bulk from Crystal Dates Company, which is one of the most famous and experienced dates wholesale suppliers, you can buy the freshest and highest quality dates at a cheaper price.  

Medjool Dates Properties

Medjool dates have a very high nutritional value. You can eat Medjool dates plain, stuff them with nuts, or eat them as a snack. If the dates are dried, their sugar content will be concentrated and will taste sweeter and, therefore, can be a good alternative to processed sugar. The size of Medjool dates is about 5.5 to 7 cm, and because of their large size, they contain a significant amount of fiber, and also various vitamins and minerals including iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and calcium. The fiber in Medjool dates helps reduce bad cholesterol and inflammation, as well as helps with bowel health and prevention of cancer.     

Buy Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates Price

Medjool dates are globally famous for their great taste, large size and very high quality, and now many countries produce and export Medjool dates. Iran has also used new technologies to propagate Medjool dates in Iran and due to its warm and suitable climate for growing different varieties of dates, has succeeded in producing the best and highest quality Medjool dates and exports Medjool dates to many Asian and European countries in bulk. Medjool dates price is different in each country and many factors such as size, quality, packaging, shipping costs etc. are effective in determining the dates price. Many Asian countries and countries bordering the Persian Gulf buy their countries’ needed quantity of dates from Iran due to their proximity to Iran, and in this way, both reduce their costs and buy the best and freshest dates. For unmediated and wholesale purchase of Medjool dates, you can refer to Crystal Dates Company, one of the wholesale suppliers of Medjool dates and Iranian dates. To inquire about the current price of Medjool dates, feel free to contact Crystal Dates Company via WhatsApp or email.    

Medjool Dates Price

Medjool Dates Exporter

Iran is one of the largest producers of dates and annually produces more than one million tons of dates. There are about 300 varieties of dates in Iran and more than ten varieties of dates are important trade and export cultivars in Iran. Some varieties of dates such as Kimia dates, Piarom dates, Rabbi dates and Sayer dates are cultivated only in Iran and due to their excellent quality and taste, they are produced in large quantities every year and exported to Persian Gulf countries, Asian countries and European countries. Medjool dates are also one of the most important trade and export cultivars in Iran and are widely cultivated and exported due to the suitable climate of Iran for the growth of Medjool dates. Crystal Dates Company is one of the most famous and experienced Medjool dates manufacturers and exporters in Iran and has all health certificates as well as national and international standards of dates and exports dates to neighboring countries and Asian countries and European countries in bulk. If you have any questions about Medjool dates exports, feel free to contact Crystal Dates Company. 

Medjool Dates Supplier

Medjool Dates Supplier

Medjool dates are offered in very diverse packages and very competitive prices in world markets due to their global reputation. Some companies supply Medjool dates in luxury packages stuffed with nuts or dried fruits or in bulk. If you want to buy the best and freshest dates in bulk at a reasonable price, you can refer to Crystal Dates Company, which supplies all kinds of Iranian dates and date products such as chopped dates, date syrup, and date paste directly to global markets without intermediaries in various packages.

Medjool Dates Packaging

Crystal Dates Company has all health certificates and national and international standards for dates manufacturing and supply, and carefully sorts the highest quality dates and delivers them to customers without intermediaries in various creative carton, plastic, metal packages, as well as in custom packages in specific weights or in bulk at the most reasonable price. If you have any questions about Medjool dates packaging and shipment, you can contact Crystal Dates Company at any time via WhatsApp or email.   



Medjool dates are packaged in creative packages and also custom packages in different weights and designs.

Iranian Medjool dates have both a high quality and a more reasonable price compared to Medjool dates produced by other countries.

The size of Iranian Medjool dates is usually about 5.5-7 cm.

You can contact Crystal Dates Company via email or WhatsApp and register your order after price inquiry.

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