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Kali date  is very important and popular in domestic market and export.

These dates are also called Kalute.


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The shape of these dates is also very similar to the dates of Mazafati.

Kharak of These dates is green when it ripes and it change as the summer approaches, and turns to red. In the palm also turns dark brown and pale.  Kali date is known because of its sweet taste and gourmet.

Due to its unique taste and quality on domestic and international markets, the quality of Kali has made it a special place and is considered to be the best cultivars of Iranian export dates. At the same time, due to its almost decent price, the attention of the corps has attracted the majority of people.

The origin of Kali Dates

Kali is cultivated in Kerman. It is also well cultivated in most cities of Kerman. Among these cities are Jiroft, Anbarabad, Rudbar, Manoajan, Ghaleh Ganj, River, Faryab and Kahnouj. .It has a world-wide reputation, it is the delicacy of calute jiroft that delivers the best-selling dates to the market.

Due to its high quality and proper price, these dates are one of the best-selling dates in Iran, which has a special place in addition to Iran abroad and has made it a global name. It can also be noted that one of the main importers abroad this date,is Turkmenistan.

At present, Iran’s weather conditions for the cultivation of this crop is very good, especially the city of Jiroft is more and more prepared.

kinds of Kali

Kali dates are among the cluster dates. Both dry and semi-dry type are available; hence it is classified as semi-dry dates. It is also possible to refer to the amount of syrup contained in these dates, which is neither much nor low.

These dates can be found in all seasons.

  • spring: green Kharak
  • Summer: Red and sweet red
  • Autumn and winter: brown and pale brown dates

This type of date is well-known for its sweet and tasty flavor, and many fans are eager to use it.


These dates have a sweet taste with a unique flavor and aroma.

Due to its delicious flavor, these dates are known and popular among the public and marketers inside and outside the country.

The size of these dates is 2 to 4 centimeters depending on the varieties of Kalute varieties.

Depending on the type of variable moisture content in the palm Kali dates, humadity between 13 and 23 percent.

This type of date is oval and is known as a meaty date and soft (like the date of Mazafati).

Harvesting time

The date palms are planted in the beam of the moon, followed by the time of pollination in the month. according to climatic conditions, dates are first grown from southern cities of kerman in the middle of the month, and by the end of summer (September)it will reach the northern cities of kerman.

It is important to note that the Kaluteh Date should be stored immediately after harvest, in order to prevent its degradation due to having a sap in the palm.

Keeping this type of date requires a very good condition.

For short-term use of this type of date, it can be kept at ambient temperature and this will not be problematic.

But for long-term preservation of this type, it is certainly and absolutely necessary to keep the dates in a cool place.

The use of suitable cooling equipment for transport kali date is the most important points that should be considered.

The shelf life of Kalute Jiroft is set to remain healthy when stored at 0 to 5 degrees, from 12 to 18 months.


These dates are used in different ways. These dates are used as snack sliced or dough dates are served to cook all kinds of pastries and sweets.

It can be admitted that the Kalute Date is also one of the most useful digits of export it show that are also used on a daily basis as a nutritious and useful food for the general public.


Kali dates is nutritious snack to absorb as much energy for daily activities.

The high proportion of these dates is a rich source of minerals and nutrients that provide energy and nutrients to the consumer’s body.

The abundant amount of magnesium in these dates has made the majority of people, especially children, used more to grow and improve the health of the body.

Iron and folic acid in this date is an effective cure for the types of anaemia. It is estimated that the amount of trans fatty acids and saturated fats are estimated at 0 g to be a healthy diet for all persons especially obese.

The strengthening of the vision system and eyes is given to Vitamin A in this type of dates.

Kali Packing

Crystal relying on modern science has tried to make the packaging standard for  Kali dates and healthy advantage.

It can also be said that Kali date packets comply with the rules of the Iranian Health Association, which has the standards of the Ministry of Health in Iran, and this has made the international exports of these dates better.

Kali dates in various standard packages as well as in bulk supplied to the consumer market, including the most important point in the supply and export quality of these dates.

Nutrition facts per 30 grams Kali

Available minerals:

Calories: 81 Kcal

Fat: 0.37 gr

sugar Loaf:0.80 gr

Protein:22.31 gr

Trench fatty acids:0 gr

saturated fats:0 gr

Crystal Kali dates

Crystal Company has provided the conditions for harvesting, planting and packaging the best quality of Kali dates, taking into account the needs of both indoor and outdoor customers throughout the year.

In the seasons of harvesting, collecting the best quality dates from all over the country, it has been prepared according to modern and modern packaging standards in order to meet the needs of the domestic and foreign exporters of Kali Dates throughout the year.


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Which region produces the best kind of Kali?

The best kind of Kalute grows in Jiroft city, Kerman province, Iran.

Is the price of the Kalute date offered by Crystal suitable?

Possessing an allocated refrigerating room in Bam city, the Crystal Company offers the most suitable price.

Is it possible to transact with dollars?

Yes, you can easily transact with dollars or dirhams.

Is it possible to take delivery in the form of FOB or CIF?

It is possible to take delivery in the form of FOB or CIF if required by the customers.


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  • Is your Kali Dates wholesale of the same quality as Kali Dates packages?

    • Dear Nihal
      Thank you all for your attention. Yes, Crystal Dates Company supplies the high-quality and top-notch Kali Dates both in bulk and packaging.

  • Is the production capacity of your Kali Dates high?

    • Dear Jason,
      Thanks for your attention. Yes, having the needed equipment, warehouse and professional team in harvesting, sorting and processing, our company can produce a high capacity of Kali Dates.


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