Kali Dates

Kali Dates

Kali date is one of the varieties of dates that are cultivated in Iran. Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of Kali dates in the world. Kali date, often known as “Kalute dates”, is a soft, moist and large date. Its size is 4 to 5 cm and it has about 15% to 35% moisture. Kali dates are very similar in appearance to Kimia dates. The color of Kali dates is red at first and then changes to light brown or dark brown. Kali dates have many fans due to their wonderful taste, large size, and fleshy texture and are one of the famous dates exported from Iran. Iran exports large quantities of Kali dates to neighboring countries and the Persian Gulf countries every year.

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We are a Kali dates wholesaler in Iran and export the best and highest quality Iranian dates to neighboring countries and Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Persian Gulf countries. Crystal Dates Company, an Iranian dates wholesaler, manufactures the best and freshest Kali dates and offers them directly to domestic and foreign markets. Our company is known as the best manufacturer and supplier of Kali dates in Iran and many foreign countries and every year it supplies a high tonnage of the best and freshest Kali dates to domestic and foreign markets at a reasonable price in bulk. Our experienced team is always ready to serve Kali dates buyers. To buy Kali dates, feel free to contact Crystal Dates Company at any time via WhatsApp or email.

Kali Dates Price

Kali dates wholesale suppliers also consider the cost of production when determining the price of dates. Crystal Dates Company is a Kali dates manufacturer and direct supplier, and by eliminating intermediaries, it supplies Kali dates (Kalute dates) to domestic and foreign markets at a more reasonable price. By buying from Crystal Dates Company, you can buy the largest, freshest and most delicious Kali dates with good quality and low price. We can export the dates you need in large quantities and in bulk at the most reasonable price. To inquire about the current price of Kali dates, you can contact Crystal Dates Company via WhatsApp or email.

Kali Dates Price

Kali Dates Exporter

Iran is one of the main exporters of Kali dates (Kalute dates) which are one of the important trade and export cultivars of Iran due to their excellent taste and good quality. The highest quality and freshest Kali dates are ready to be exported to foreign countries every year with different packages. The countries bordering the Persian Gulf and Asian countries are the main Kali dates importers. Crystal Dates Company is one of the most famous and experienced dates exporters in Iran, and in addition to Kali dates, it annually exports various types of Iranian dates and date products such as date syrup, date paste, chopped dates, and pitted dates in high tonnages, reasonable price and excellent quality to other countries.

Kali Dates Supplier

When ordering from wholesale suppliers of dates, it is better to buy from suppliers who are reliable and have a lot of experience in supplying dates. If you buy from suppliers who manufacture dates themselves, you can both buy dates at a cheaper price and make sure of good provision of services. Date manufacturers supervise all stages of Kalute dates production and supply, including planting, harvesting, storage, packaging and delivery to the customer, and can supply the highest quality Kali dates to the domestic and foreign markets. Crystal Dates Company, a Kali dates wholesale supplier, is one of the well-known companies in the field of dates manufacturing and direct supply in Iran, and supplies Kali dates in very diverse packages and very competitive prices directly to world markets.

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Kali Dates Properties

Kali dates is a large and fleshy fruit and can be used as a healthy and nutritious snack. Eating a few dates a day can make a complete and nutritious meal for you and provides your body with the energy it needs. Kali dates contain a lot of fiber and help improve bowel movements and health. In addition, the fiber in Kali dates helps lower cholesterol levels and control blood sugar. Kali dates also contain many vitamins and minerals and prevent the risk of many diseases such as anemia, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and many other diseases.

Kali Dates Packaging

Our company is one of the most famous dates exporters in Iran and regardless of your location, it guarantees the delivery of the freshest dates in your desired packaging. We will send your order in customized packages as well as in creative and various designs in the fastest possible time and with the best quality. Crystal Dates Company has all health licenses and national and international dates standards, as well as dates sorting and packaging factories, and can send the best and freshest Kali dates and Iranian dates in different weights and in bulk in custom packages. For more information on Kali dates packaging, feel free to contact Crystal Dates Company via WhatsApp or email.


Kali dates are very similar to Mazafati dates. They are soft and blackish brown and have an oval shape.

Kali dates have a lighter brownish color but Mazafati dates have a darker blackish color.

Yes, Kali dates are soft nectarous dates and easily melt in your mouth.

The price of Kali dates is more reasonable than the price of Mazafati dates or Piarom dates.

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  • Is your Kali Dates wholesale of the same quality as Kali Dates packages?

    • Dear Nihal
      Thank you all for your attention. Yes, Crystal Dates Company supplies the high-quality and top-notch Kali Dates both in bulk and packaging.

  • Is the production capacity of your Kali Dates high?

    • Dear Jason,
      Thanks for your attention. Yes, having the needed equipment, warehouse and professional team in harvesting, sorting and processing, our company can produce a high capacity of Kali Dates.


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