Rabbi Dates

Rabbi Dates

Rabbi dates are one of the types of Iranian dates that have a lot of nectar. It can be said that Rabbi dates are one of the oldest dates that were cultivated and consumed by Iranians for many years. Today, these quality dates are known as one of the most important dates in Asia and Europe. Rabbi dates, like Kabkab dates and Shahani dates, are in the category of semi-dry dates. Many buyers are very interested in these categories of dates because these varieties of dates have a longer shelf life and storage conditions than other varieties of dates. Rabbi dates are generally cultivated in the tropical regions of the Persian Gulf and due to suitable weather conditions, most of the dates are grown and produced in these areas. Rabbi dates are exported to many Asian and European countries every year.   

Rabbi Dates Features

Rabbi dates are in the category of semi-dry dates. Rabbi dates are relatively long and their flesh is larger than other varieties of dates. The pit of the Rabbi dates is very small compared to its flesh and has a thin skin. At the same time, due to the high adhesion between the skin and the flesh, it can be easily washed without separating the skin from the flesh. The ripe fruit of Rabbi dates is reddish to black and the harvest time of this date, like Kabkab dates, is in late September. Due to being semi-dry, Rabbi dates save more nectar and are easier to store and do not need to be stored in a cool environment such as a refrigerator or cold storage. Of course, if we keep Rabbi dates in the refrigerator for about a year after harvest, these dates will be consumable and will not rot.     

Rabbi Dates Supplier

Iran is known as one of the largest Rabbi dates suppliers in the Middle East and Asia. Rabbi dates along with Mazafati dates, Piarom dates and Kimia dates are considered as the most important Iranian dates that are mass-produced in Iran. Rabbi dates are mainly cultivated and produced in southern Iran, which has a tropical climate. The best and highest quality type of Rabbi dates are grown in the tropics. Crystal Dates Company is one of the largest Rabbi dates suppliers in Iran and connects buyers with manufacturers directly without intermediaries. For more information, you can contact the company via email or WhatsApp.   

Rabbi dates Supplier

Rabbi Dates Wholesaler

Rabbi dates are among the Iranian dates in the world market that have many fans, so that several months before the harvest time in September, the pre-purchase, ordering and wholesale of Rabbi dates begin. Crystal Dates Company, as one of Rabbi dates wholesale suppliers exports its products to all over the world every year using the best and most up-to-date facilities. All manufacturing and storage stages of Rabbi dates must be done carefully. The quality of Rabbi dates is controlled by our experts from the moment of planting and harvesting to the time of packaging, storage and preparation for shipment so that there will be no problem and quality products will be delivered to our dear customers with the best quality. 

Rabbi Dates Price

Rabbi Dates Price

Rabbi dates price is determined every year based on various factors. Factors such as exchange rates, climatic conditions, global supply and demand and the type of packaging will be very influential in determining the price of Rabbi dates. On the other hand, semi-dried dates such as Rabbi dates and Sayer dates are usually used in the preparation of pitted dates, which increases the demand and the value of these quality Iranian dates. The delicious and wonderful taste of Rabbi dates has attracted a lot of fans all over the world and increases the number of customers and buyers of this first-class Iranian product every year. Due to the elimination of intermediaries by Crystal Dates Company, Rabbi dates are supplied wholesale at a reasonable and competitive price.

Rabbi Dates Exporter

Due to its pleasant taste, Rabbi dates have created a good demand in European and Asian countries, so that many traders from different countries have gained a good profit from Rabbi dates exported from Iran to their country. Therefore, in recent years, due to the increasing demand for Rabbi dates, the export of rabbi dates has increased significantly. It is also one of the most important Iranian products in terms of economy and foreign currency. Iran also exports Rabbi dates to Persian Gulf countries, Asian countries and European countries. 

Rabbi Dates Properties

Rabbi dates are rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals and as a result have many medical and nutritional properties. The fiber in the flesh of Rabbi dates is a good alternative to a variety of sugars and its use is recommended for patients with diabetes. Fiber also plays an important role in the digestion of food and improves the function of the body’s digestive system. On the other hand, because soluble fiber is slowly digested in the stomach, it makes us feel hungry later and thus contributes to people’s fitness. Therefore, physicians consider nutrition as a suitable snack to be included in people’s diet. Rabbi dates are also used as a flavoring and sweetener in many foods, cakes and desserts.


Rabbi dates are fleshy with a small pit and have a very good appearance and taste and are among the important export cultivars of Iranian dates with large sales.

Rabbi date is a semi-dried date with less than %15 moisture.

Rabbi dates are longer and narrower than Sayer dates and have a blackish brown color.

Rabbi dates are harvested in September

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  • Do you have a bulk export of Rabbi Dates to Bangladesh?

    • Dear Aaraf, Thank you all for your attention. Yes, we have bulk export of Rabbi Dates to Bangladesh.

  • Are your products competitively priced?

    • Dear Noah
      Thanks for your attention. As one of the most notable dates exporters, Crystal Dates Company exports and supplies high-quality dates at reasonable and competitive prices.

  • Respected sir/Madam
    I want to purchase Rabbi dates but I don’t have import export Licence, can you send me some source in India who purchase Rabbi dates from Crystal company.

    Abhinaba Das

  • Abhinaba Das
    March 8, 2022 7:32 pm

    25, January I send a message. But your sales team can not contact with me. So please contact with me.


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