Khassui Dates

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Khassui Dates are also one of the unknown dates in Iran and in the world.

These dates can be considered to be the finest in the world. Khassui is one of the most delicious dates in the world.

This date is only growing in Iran.



This date has other names in regions of the country.

The origin of Khassui Dates

These dates grow in foothill areas.

The origin of these dates is in the provinces of Bushehr and Fars.

Although the dates of Bushehr are more popular because of their high quality.

These dates should be in the specific climatic conditions in order to grow sufficiently.

Southern Iran has provided very good condition for the growth of this delicious dates.

Khassui Dates properties

These dates have two types of dry and semi-dry.

In fact except a band of dates the rest in dry .

Juice of khassui dates can be easily damaged to syrup in a few hours.

Khassui is one of the few dates that exist in this form.

Many people who do not have enough experience in this field , they considered this dates as lulu dates by mistake..

This date is similar to Piarom.

Although its price is much cheaper than Piarom.

Khassui dates color is light brown.

In addition, these dates are suitable for different people with different tastes.

this date is quite sweet, but its sweetness is not so much that the annoyes the consumer.

Ordinary dates can be consumed up to 5 times a day.

It is possible to use a lot of this special dates because of the small size, which is almost every 3 dates of the this equal to one ordinary date.

Due to its fineness, these dates can be consumed up to 14 or 15 a day.

Harvesting time

This dates harvest time is also in summer.

It is harvesting in the last two month of the summer .

These dates should be kept in good condition immediately after harvest.


These dates should be kept in equiped temperature because of high juices.

If the date of storage of this date is not suitable for the cooler system, it can quickly provide conditions for the decay and corruption of these dates.

Good condition also is needed for moving and transporting these dates. because if the device which the date are moving with doesnot have the standard cooling system then the dates will corrupted.


Many people do not know Khassui dates.

In other words, these dates can be one of the most unknown dates in Iran and in the world.

These dates could be a good alternative to sugar.

Due to the fineness of these dates, it can be used in a variety of cakes, jams, sweets, and so on.

Dates are used as flavors in recent years.

Also, companies have been able to combine fresh dates with other food such as chocolate dates, cocoa dates and more.

The properties of these dates

These dates can be a good source of energy when it comes to sugar.

It also has protein in its intrinsic structure, which is also noteworthy.

It’s interesting to know that these dates lack saturated fats, which is also interesting.

These dates can be used for athletes, children, the elderly as well as pregnant women.

30 g nutritional value of Khassui

Available calories 81 kilocalories

Sugar 0.8 g

Fat 0.37 g

Protein 22.31 g

Trans fatty acids 0 grams


Khassui dates are available in a variety of packaging.

These dates require special conditions for packaging.

Sparkling packaging should be in a way that does not expel its juice and, on the other hand, it does not stick to the package itself.

Dry packaging should also be in a way that does not have a place of penetration and, on the other hand, the date itself is not exposed to sunlight.

Crystal Khassui dates

The Crystal Corporation keeps the date with a well-equipped refrigerated warehouse in towns with a special date.

Crystal style dates can easily guarantee quality and price.

All of our company’s specifications are first class and suitable for export and consumption in the countries of the world.

Crystal Corporation has been able to export these dates to other countries worldwide in recent years and have a good share in the marketing of this product.


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