Khassui Dates

Khassui Dates

Khassui dates are one of the types of Iranian dates that grow mostly in the foothills of Iran. These types of dates, like Lulu dates, have a round and small appearance similar to plum, and due to their extraordinary appearance and taste, they have attracted many domestic and foreign customers. Iran is one of the largest producers of Khassui dates and their export is increasing every year due to the increasing popularity of this variety of dates in the world market. Khassui dates are considered as soft and moist dates and have a lot of nectar, and due to their abundant nectar and juice, as well as sugar, they have found many uses in the food industry, especially in the preparation of cakes, biscuits and pastries. 

Buy Khassui Dates

Khassui dates are grown only in the foothills of Iran and due to their popularity has become one of the most important commercial and export cultivars of Iranian dates. When buying Khassui dates, you should pay attention to its storage and transportation conditions. You can significantly reduce your costs by buying Khassui dates from wholesale manufacturers and exporters who have health certificates and standards for exporting dates. Crystal Dates Company is one of the largest suppliers of Khassui dates in Iran and it has been able to supply the best and most quality Khassui dates in bulk at a reasonable price to domestic and foreign markets by benefiting from dates sorting and packaging factories and health certificates. 

Khassui Dates Properties

Khassui dates are very energetic due to their rich content of sugar and nectar and can be a good alternative to sugar. If you keep Khassui dates in a sealed container, it will be immersed in its nectar. The taste of Khassui dates is similar to Piarom dates. When Khassui dates are fully ripe, their color changes to light brown. Khassui dates, like other Iranian dates, contain fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals which regulate blood sugar and blood pressure and prevent digestive problems. They also prevent the risk of cancer and anemia.

Buy Khassui Dates

Khassui Dates Price

Khassui dates have a lower price than other types of dates, and their small size, reasonable price, as well as their excellent taste have caused them to find many customers in foreign markets. Many factors are effective in determining Khassui dates price. Khassui dates are supplied in two forms: semi-dry or soft and juicy. The price of semi-dry dates is often higher. Importers prefer to buy semi-dry Khassui dates because they are easy to store and transport. But other factors such as the type of packaging, size and quality of Khassui dates also play a very important role in determining Khassui dates price. Crystal Dates Company supplies Khassui dates directly without intermediaries to Arab, Asian and European countries, and by eliminating intermediaries, it has played an effective role in reducing the export price of dates. To inquire about the current price of Khassui dates via WhatsApp or email, you may contact Crystal Dates Company.

Khassui Dates Price

Khassui Dates Exporter

There are many varieties of dates and they are produced in countries with tropical climates. Iran, the UAE, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia are the largest exporters of dates, and Iran’s presence and share in the global market is becoming more active every year. Khassui dates are native to Iran and as they are cultivated only in the foothills of southern Iran, they are rarer than other cultivars of dates. In recent years, Khassui dates manufacturers have provided the necessary facilities for the export of Khassui dates, and every year they export a large amount of Khassui dates to Arab, Asian and European countries. As a major exporter of Crystal Dates Company, it exports the best and highest quality Iranian dates and also Khassui dates to Asian countries, including India, China, Indonesia, as well as the Persian Gulf countries and European countries.

Khassui Dates Supplier

Khassui Dates Supplier

Dates suppliers can be distributors or producers, and their role is to provide high quality products to retailers. Retailers expect suppliers to offer them the best quality and price so that they can maintain a relationship with the supplier and be able to build a long-term relationship with the supplier. If you want to be in contact with dates suppliers in the long run and meet the needs of the dates market continuously and steadily, it is better to choose the suppliers who are the date producers themselves, because the direct supply of dates can play a very important role in reducing your costs.

Crystal Dates Company, as a wholesaler, exports Khassui dates in various packages and weights to different countries according to the customers’ order. For more information on how to order Khassui dates, you may contact Crystal Dates Company via WhatsApp or email.  


Khassui Dates Packaging

Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of dates, and supplies fresh, dried and processed dates to domestic and foreign markets. The storage conditions of dates and how they are packaged play a very effective role in the amount of exports and competition between dates exporters. Due to the high moisture and nectar of Khassui dates, their storage conditions, packaging and compliance with international standards are of special importance. Crystal Dates Company sorts the best and highest quality Khassui dates using equipped machines and exports them in various weights and packages such as cardboard cartons, plastic containers, folding cartons, etc. according to the customers’ request or in custom packages with the customers’ desired brand for retailing or wholesaling. For more information on how to order Khassui dates, you may contact Crystal Dates Company via WhatsApp or email.  



Khassui dates have more nectar and moisture in comparison to Lulu dates.

Dry Khassui dates do not need refrigerated cargo ships for transportation but semi-dry Khassui dates can be shipped by refrigerated cargo ships.

Khassui dates are a small variety of dates and are about 4-5 cm.

Khassui dates are grown in the foothills of southern Iran.

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