5 Fantastic Benefits of Dates for Bodybuilders and Athletes

5 Fantastic Benefits of Dates for Bodybuilders and Athletes

Why consuming dates is recommended to athletes and bodybuilders?

Dates are rich in carbohydrates, sugar, minerals and vitamins. For this reason, they have much worth among athletes and bodybuilders. The effect of dates in sport and bodybuilding is in a way that athletes and bodybuilders can rely on this extraordinary fruit rich in minerals, and they have always tried to put it on their diet. Therefore, eating several dates each day provides the needed iron of the body during exercise, and it is beneficial for the heart’s health and prevents heart problems during training. So, it is highly recommended to athletes and bodybuilders to eat 2 to 4 Sayer Dates before the workout. This article aims to offer several benefits of dates for athletes and bodybuilders. Here, five reasons why bodybuilders and athletes should add dates to their diet are listed as follows: 

Dates are solid fuels of the body

Since dates are rich in minerals and vitamins, they are solid body fuels. As a car cannot work without energy, the human body cannot work without these minerals. Each date consists of about 66 calories and 15 grams of sugar. It means that each date is rich in energy. Regarding the low amount of Glycemic index of this fruit, consuming dates is highly recommended to athletes and bodybuilders.

Dates preventing from muscles spasm

Potassium is the other mineral of dates. The existing minerals in our body reduce at the time of exercise. And potassium deficiency leads to weakness and muscular spasms. Considering that dates like Rabbi Dates are rich in potassium, it is highly recommended that athletes and bodybuilders consume dates before exercise. The most exciting thing is that the existing potassium in each date is more than the minerals in energy drinks.  


Dates Speed up the Recovery

Dates speed up the body recovery

Dates benefits do not limit to providing energy for athletes. After exercising, muscles become sensitive to insulin, and the amount of stored glycogen will reach its maximum amount in the body. Hence, eating dates, especially Mazafati Dates, speeds up body recovery after doing heavy exercises and providing the body’s consumed energy.

The natural sugar of dates provides the needed energy without adding more calories

Dates are natural sugar used to make smoothies, banana milk, and different desserts without adding more calories to our bodies. Making banana milk together with several dates provides a large amount of energy for bodybuilders and helps them lift weights. So, it is recommended that bodybuilders not forget dates.


The Natural sugar of dates provide the needed energy without adding more calories.


Dates are simple snacks and provide the needed energy for doing exercise

If you are looking for a cheap and simple snack, put dates in priority. It is enough to eat several Sayer Dates before the gym or on the way to going to the gym. Dates have complex sugar and keep you full for a long time in addition to providing your needed energy.  

As mentioned earlier, dates have high nutritional value, which has many effects on bodybuilders and athletes’ diet, and it is an excellent power fruit for endurance athletes. Although it is a little odd in appearance, they are a rich source of fast-acting. The importance and benefits of dates have always been mentioned in many articles. Athletes and bodybuilders who train for swimming, biking, running, and other sports can count on this fruit to provide a nutrient-rich source of the needed energy. So, if you are an athlete or bodybuilder, consider adding dates to your diet.

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