The tenth in rank buyers of Iranian Dates

The tenth in rank buyers of iranian dates

The Republic of Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus and is bordered by the Caspian Sea (Caspian Sea). Its capital is Baku.

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Azerbaijan’s neighbors

Iran in the south, Armenia and Turkey in the West, Georgia to the northwest and north of Azerbaijan with Russia. It also has a blue border with Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan along the coast of the Caspian Sea.

The population of Azerbaijan

The population of Azerbaijan in 2012 was about 9.125 million people.

The geographical location of Azerbaijan

The Republic of Azerbaijan is located in the south of the Caucasus and north of the Aras River and along the Caspian Sea. Three mountains, the great Caucasus in the north, the small Caucasus in the west, and Talesh mountains in the south.

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Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The Republic of Azerbaijan has exploited many oil resources compared to the newly independent republics, up to 7 billion barrels (about one percent of the world ” s proven reserves)in 2008. The same has caused the region to be considered a gas exporter in the region. And this investment after independence has grown more.

In 2008, the Republic of Azerbaijan has been declared the top nation in terms of implementing economic reform programmes between 10 countries (ten countries giving details of their economic information to the World Bank) and finally topped the list.

In addition to these, the country’s next economic growth is due to the purchase of dates. Due to its friendly relations with Iran, the country has bought many dates from this country and this has greatly contributed to its economic progress. It should be noted that this country was ranked tenth in the list of Iranian buyers of potatoes in year 96 and hopes that it will lead to a higher level of investment by now.


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