54 date clusters and abzian production units were established in Bushehr industrial societies

54 date clusters and abzian production units were established in Bushehr industrial societies

So far, 54 active production units in the field of dates and aquaculture with employment of 2,211 people have been established in the towns and industrial areas of this province.

Of these, 21 units with an investment of 256 billion and 700 million rials in the date cluster in the field of processing and packaging of this product and 33 units with an investment of 1,490 billion rials in the field of processing, storage and packaging of abzian.

The main export markets of dates and aquatic products of Bushehr province are Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine, China, India and the Arab countries bordering the Persian Gulf.

In the past year, the province has exported $ 35 million worth of dates and their products and $ 138 million worth of aquatic products.

Bushehr province has a significant capacity in these areas and the year of production leap is a valuable opportunity for them to flourish.

In this connection, the first date town will be built in Bushehr province.

Dashtestan, Tangestan and Jam cities are the centers of date production in Bushehr province that the construction of date town in these cities will help the prosperity of production and market of this product.

Bushehr province, with 6 million palms, produces about 160,000 tons of dates annually.


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