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Date Crafts

Palm dates have been used in many aspects of daily life for many past and present times. In fact, virtually all parts of dates, except roots, can be used for different purposes. It should be noted that these products are used in villages and remote areas, even in urban areas. These products are important enough to be worth fruit dates and can be said to be valuable in some cases. Are more than dates. Much of the home appliances and work equipment in the southern parts of the country such as ropes, roof beams, cribs, ladders, grain containers, baskets, sieves, rope perand (rattan), mat, hat, cage Chicken, squid, etc. are made from wood and date palm leaves.

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Various parts of palm dates used in crafting:


The main use of the trunk is due to the fiber in it. The palm wood is not of high quality due to its monocotyledon and numerous coarse vascular bundles. Despite this, palm wood has a lot of tensile strength and is therefore used as a beam in the building, making rafters, columns, bridges, half pipes and so on.

They sometimes turn the trunks into lumber and are used to make ladders and back windows in the home.

In addition to the above, the trunk is used in various forms in the building, to raise water from the well by the animals and eventually to produce fire.


The leaves are used to separate homes from each other or to create a cozy, well-ventilated bed. If:

The bottom of the leaves is dipped into the soil and then used with two or three layers of thread made of palm leaves.

Main vein

The main vein is mostly used by fishermen to float their fishing nets on the water as well as children to learn swimming.

Vacuuming can be done manually by tearing the base of the veins and folding them.

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The point is that

The main vein of the palm is a good fuel.

The main consumption of veins is mainly in the making of baskets, crates and household appliances. Due to the tastes and skills of the people, different palm trees are made from different parts of this palm. Appliances such as fruit boxes and baskets, chicken and bird cages, and twin-storey twin cages with country doors used to transport poultry and other products to the market.

Also using the palm leaves are other utensils such as bottles, home appliances, especially chairs and beds. Palm veins are used as a source of fibers for making ropes, canes, or fishing ropes and guardians for storing growing dates or clusters of dates.


The leaves are mainly used in knitting and sewing together like baskets (in different and attractive colors), sacks, mats, mats and hats. It should be noted that these baskets are fastened using leaf sheath fibers.

Other uses of palm leaves include a large conical basket overturning over camels, which is used for long haul loads and a vent on the floor for ease of drainage.

The leaves are used to make a broom for the animal bed, to fill pillows and mats, and to make litter.


Thorns can be used to make fishing traps and toothpicks as well as needles in basket making.


In addition to its use and value, it is used as fuel for making various types of ropes. The resulting rope is relatively rough but has sufficient tensile strength.

These ropes are used to fasten, fasten, hold and transport, fasten baskets, fishing net and muzzle.

Fibers are used to protect newly planted pests, mattress making, brushing, washing, coatings for furniture and curtains, animal bedding and canopy of live plants.

Clusters without dates

The whole cluster of dates and their palms can be used as a broom or as other parts of the palm as fuel. The fibers from the palm cluster are tall and, therefore, are of high strength and are preferably used in tasks that require greater security and confidence in the use of the rope. Like the belts that palmers use to climb the palm, and also the sock and saddle.

Following are some of the handicrafts made in date palms with brief descriptions.


The small, very delicate sparrow is used for its texture, the young palm leaves being white.

  • Ashkenrick (slingshot)

It is used to throw stones and escape birds and is woven from palm leaves.

  • Perry

A device used to hold or carry date clusters.


  • Traditional cis curtain

Put together a set of ropes made of fiber.


  • Cheesecake

Woven jar of date palm leaves


It is a type of tail that is made from weaving.

  • Shul

It is similar to a pulp that is woven using palm leaves.

  • Kentl

The container is a spool made from date leaves.


Divided trunk of date palm used for crossing or regulating water.

  • Ketchup

A local house about 5 m high in an elliptical cross section that is woven from the palm leaves.

  • Gowal

It is a means of carrying fertilizer and straw by donkeys in the fields

  • Gorgij

The shoulder bag is woven from palm leaves and has long hemp handles.


Cylindrical vacuum cleaner made from date leaves.

  • Types of baskets

Includes Shahim and Shirdwan

  • Pot-shaped containers

Tulle, Gondon, Copper and Chuckle

  • Date packaging containers

Drazil (pyramid-shaped), Sap (fantasy-shaped) and Jalat

Types of mat

Ticchet, Curse and Shet

  • Variety of ropes

Leaf and Chapelco (Jill)

  • Other gadgets

Fans, Crabs, Slippers, Scales, Nuts, Solids, Sparrows, Saplings, Oranges, Branches of Chickens, Chicken Cage, Chipboard, Jar Doors, Bangles, Bowls, Caps (Threads and Needles), Caps, Gallons (Cradle)


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