How much to eat dates?

How much to eat dates

How many dates do we eat The question nowadays is how many dates are needed to maintain your body’s health? The majority are looking for reliable sources for information about intake dates are very important from this point. So we’ve included the following below to give the light a way for people who are aware of the importance of consuming dates that are essential to the body.

Some believe that due to its high nutritional value, dates need to be used frequently and regularly, and that different types of snacks and foods or drinks and desserts are made with dates every day. Dates in the diet of these people as one of the main nutritious foods used in their various foods and foods.

In contrast, some believe that dates because of their high and high sugar levels can cause many diseases, including diabetes, and cause problems in the body. According to self-reports collected by scholars of old and new as well as on the basis of rigorous testing carried out on dates, specified that date as one of the most nutritious and nourishing the food and is well known. This nutritious fruit since ancient times until today the way Food and many overseas countries as a supplement known and most Imams and elders advised many on the consumption of dates at different times, such as breaking the fast of Ramadan and the month Muharram.

Benefits of dates

Since dates contain large amounts of fiber can help regulate your digestive tract disease cure constipation and diarrhea. Among the other materials available in Khorrami are sulfur, iron, steel, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, copper, magnesium, etc., which makes it a perfect snack and well capable of supplying the daily energy needed. This is also due to its high calorie content. Another important point to note is that the sugar in the dates is a type of natural sugars that is glucose and fructose. This natural sugar is fully consumed in the metabolism of the body and does not exacerbate diabetes mellitus as well as increase body sugar levels.

The palm fruits contain plenty of protein and carbohydrates and various vitamins, including vitamins A, B, C and vitamin K, which helps to maintain the overall health of the body. Other useful and nutritious components of dates include high levels of iron and folate as well as vitamin B in dates.

Keeping in mind all these properties of dates, keep in mind that high carbohydrates as well as high calorie intake may cause some diseases, including obesity. That obesity can be a prerequisite for many diseases. So you need to know that fitness is the key to health. So it must be noted that excessive consumption of palm calorie per day increase, followed by obesity. However, if you consume enough throughout the day, it can even reduce your weight.

As mentioned dates is a rich source of fiber, but did you know that if you get plenty of fiber in the body, what might happen? The answer is that high levels of fiber in the body can lead to severe constipation, which can lead to difficulty getting rid of it, causing severe aches and pains.

With these positive and negative comments about dates, you need to know that consuming them well enough can help you and how to use them as a fruit or as a date juice or in preparing snacks and sweets and foods have different effects on the absorption of nutrients it.

How many dates do you need to consume each day?

It is worth noting that moderation in palm consumption has a significant impact on the benefits of dates. According to many nutritionists, physicians and nutritionists, the best daily intake for dates is 1 to 2 dates. In fact, it should be noted that this is the case for medium-sized dates. Caution should be exercised if the dates are large in size. But if you are small in size (such as aloe dates or special dates) you can consume up to twice as many dates as 2 to 4 per day.

You should know that dried dates contain more sugar and calories than fresh dates, so use caution when using them. Dried onions because they lose moisture and only the sugar left in it increases its sugar and calories. This has led to dry dates being consumed less often than other dates due to their high levels of sugar and calories, which is as much as 5 dates (no more).

It is worth noting that if the dates are consumed in a balanced way they can also benefit from its multifunctional properties. They were mentioned. Some of these effects are listed below. Due to the high amount of iron available in the palm, it helps to make the body more blood-thirsty, and each date can supply up to 5% of the body’s iron and folate needs. It meets the body’s overall need.

Dates with high amounts of calcium and fiber can strengthen the gastrointestinal tract and stomach and on the other hand strengthen bones and thus minimize the risk of dangerous osteoporosis.

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Dates with the amounts of vitamin A is effective in improving the health of the eyes and improve vision and prevent premature aging eyes. The important point to note is that if you take a balanced and sufficiently date, makes the body feel fuller occur and hence tend to eat more food is reduced, which leads to weight loss is. So people who are accustomed to lightheadedness or are very hungry during the day can easily provide their daily energy needs by consuming 5 dates as a nutritious snack.

Also, carbohydrates actually improve the body’s muscle function and improve their body fat, and over-consumption can lead to obesity. Another advantage of taking as much as 2 or 3 digit dates during the day, is a significant impact on increasing libido and sexual performance of men and women. Doctors recommend that you consume date syrup with goat’s milk that will alleviate sexual problems.

The benefits of fiber in dates can be positive for blood cholesterol and reduce blood cholesterol also noted the negative.

It can also provide the body with potassium if it is consumed by 5 dates, which has a great role in regulating blood pressure as well as the nerves of the body, while also regulating the magnesium in the dates. It is possible to say if that fits natured people. People with cold and dry temperament can consume up to 1 or 2 dates per day, while palatable consumption is less for people with hot and dry temperament if they do not observe adverse effects such as facial pustules and rashes.

In addition to weight gain in excess of date, it can cause tooth decay also be many.

The bottom line is that the other problematic date for some people is eating unhealthy and unhealthy dates, or consuming non-standard dates, or spoiled and sour. It is therefore emphasized that you should wash it well before consuming it and then eat it. Keep this in mind, especially in fresh, sweet and sticky dates, as they absorb more air pollution.


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