Is Date harmful?

Is Date harmful

Is date harmful?

How could this be?

Is it true that this nutritious and delectable fruit is harmful to our body?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. In this article, we want to raise your awareness of the dangers of dates for individuals and under certain circumstances.

Disadvantages of dates

The major disadvantages that can be considered for dates are as follows.

Abdominal problems

You should know that the date fruit itself may not cause abdominal problems, but can be caused if sulfite is added. You must know what these sulfites are: Sulfites are chemical compounds that are often added to dried fruits in order to maintain them and also to eliminate harmful bacteria. People who are sensitive to sulfites may experience stomach problems such as stomach pain, gas, bloating, and diarrhea suffer.

As you know, dates are rich source of fiber, but the interesting point is that the same may be problematic. So if you consume enough fiber before consuming dates, over-consuming dates will then lead to a sudden surge in abdominal problems such as bloating and constipation.

There have been reports that palm consumption can make diarrhea worse in certain cases.

Skin rashes

Dried and warm fruits usually cause skin rashes, and again this time sulfites are involved. This acne skin may be caused by mold found in dried fruits, dates are one of them.

The incidence of asthma attacks

There has been no comprehensive research on dates that can lead to asthma attacks. However, it can be said that the dates for its compounds, cause allergies and the asthma attacks and allergies can be followed. Therefore, it is recommended that people who are vulnerable and susceptible should be more cautious about using dates. In fact, it can be stated that 1% of people with asthma are very sensitive to airborne substances such as mildew. As mentioned, molds are also found in dried fruits such as dates.

Weight Gain

It is true that dates are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber, but on the other hand they are relatively high in calories and high in energy which can lead to weight gain. this means that the average energy and nutritious fruit can lead to weight gain.

The risk of hyperkalemia

As for hyperkalemia, this is a type of disease in which excessive blood potassium is elevated. Since that dates are rich in potassium, so the overdose that can cause this disease. If your blood potassium is high, avoid or avoid over-eating your dates.

One thing you should know is that potassium levels between 3.6 to 5.2 mm balanced and ideal blood per liter. Therefore, if the blood potassium level is greater than 2 mmol per liter, it can be very dangerous and require medical treatment

Disadvantages of wax coating

Like most fruits (like apples), dates are often wax-covered. In general, fruits are often wax-coated to give a better, brighter look, so they last longer, and thus retain their fresh appearance. However, palm shine is generally due to the addition of an oil wax or chemical spray to these two substances that cause severe gastrointestinal problems in the long run.

Unhealthy for babies

Dates due to a thick and rich structure can not be nutrition for babies. Because it is both extremely difficult to chew on the one hand and as the baby’s intestines are evolving, it may not be able to digest the dates easily and thus cause problems.

In fact, in general it can be said that the dates may be blocking the baby’s windpipe and cause choking him. So be very patient and consult your doctor in a special way to incorporate this nutrition into your meal.

Also keep in mind that dates should be kept out of the reach of children to prevent possible problems.

Create fructose intolerance

As you know, the natural sweetness of dates is fructose. Therefore, people with a problem with fructose digestion may develop fructose intolerance. In this discomfort the sugar in the dates is not properly absorbed and digested and passes through the digestive tract intact (because Which the body is unable to digest and digest) which may eventually lead to gas production in the stomach and abdominal pain, since glucose begins to react with the bacteria in the gut.

Dates effects on blood sugar levels and healthy teeth.

Blood sugar levels

According to popular belief dates because of its sweet taste, does a major impact on blood sugar levels. But there is no research to confirm this. Grete’s case studies have shown that dates can lower blood sugar levels and even help in treating diabetes. This is probably due to the fact that dates contain natural sugars and therefore have a low glycemic index and therefore may not cause any harm.

Teeth health

It is also worth noting that there has been no credible investigation that dates are harmful to dental health.

However, it is best to consult your doctor before using dates.

Pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and lactation dates can also be a very healthy choice. Studies have shown that eating dates during the last 6 weeks before delivery can make pregnancy easier and more comfortable. However, you should be careful not to eat too much dates at the time because you are unaware of what is happening


As you mentioned above, you have to keep in mind that it is totally wrong to stop eating dates now! These side effects and possible risks occur if you overdose on dates. So, if you use it properly and under control, then you have no problem.


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