Successful export and its ways

Successful export and its ways

Successful exports have basic requirements, the most important of which are competitive production and knowledge of export target markets.

The basis for leading in successful exports is to pay attention to the country’s production in various sectors and make it competitive in global markets. In this regard, special attention should be paid to two factors, which are improving the business environment and creating a competitive and transparent environment in the economy.

The role of competitive production in successful exports

Export products must have two advantages, including quality and competitive price, and these advantages in the context of a suitable business environment, high level of technology in production and removal of restrictions will allow products to compete in global markets.

The second factor that is very important is the competitive and transparent environment in the economy, which provides the path of privatization, deregulation and attracting domestic and foreign capital in attractive markets, and the real private sector using modern marketing methods is necessary. It will have its share in global markets.

The role of market research in successful exports

The first step in developing exports to target countries is market research and identifying key players in these markets. Although market research in the first instance incurs costs for the government or for producers or exporters. But it should be noted, this investment is the first step towards achieving the goals.

Failure to address the issue of professional research in target markets is really a shot in the dark, resulting in a lack of a stable presence in target markets.

Understanding the export target market

The second requirement for successful export is to know the target markets. Therefore, professional research by the government and the private sector in export markets is an important point that should not be overlooked.

By using the role of business advisers and adding an economic diplomacy mission to the State Department, the government can provide a conducive environment for exports and business development and the prosperity and attraction of foreign investment.


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