The nutritional value of dates

The nutritional value of dates 1

The nutritional value of dates is no secret we want to be careful and look at the number listed nutritional value of dates.

Crystal Corporation, considering that people’s knowledge of the date plays a decisive role in their health, has been collecting this educational article for you loved ones.

We first review the minerals found in 100 grams of dates.

The 100 grams of 39 mg of calcium, 1 mg of iron, 43 mg of magnesium, 62 mg phosphorus, 656 mg, 2 mg sodium, 29 mg, 206 mg of copper and 262 mg of manganese there.

We are now investigating other materials in the date.

The energy at the date is 282 kcal, the water at the date is 53 g, fat is 39 g, protein 45 g, carbohydrate 75 g and fiber 8 g.

There are 20 calories per date and fat is zero.

Cholesterol 0, sodium 0.1 mg, potassium 46 mg, carbohydrate 5 g, protein 0.2 g, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin C are zero.

It’s also interesting to know that the date has the benefits of relaxing anti-cancer stamps and the improvement of weakness and fatigue.

One of the most important healing properties of the date is the hematopoietic property.

Tips on the nutritional value of dates

Due to the presence of iron in its structure, dates help a lot with blood transfusion.

It is interesting to know that this fruit is also very useful for pregnant women, and it causes more blood circulation and therefore, due to lack of mobility in the bloodstream, they will not be able to get into their bodies, so it is advisable to use this fruit for pregnant women.

It should also be noted that the consumption of the fruit in sedentary men, 100% weight gain and obesity.

Today, due to lack of time in the life of a human being as well as the lives of many people have turned to fast food and prepared foods.

Although it is less palatable than other ready-made foods, it can be used with proper culture and regular use of its dates between meals as a ready-to-eat food that takes a little time to consume.

Fortunately, our country (Iran) has no problem in producing dates and is one of the largest producers of dates in the world, which is more interesting than the variety of dates and the existence of various high-quality dates in our country.


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